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Posted in Babysitting on 19th November 2010

my pom pup freaks out when I come home from work or class?
I always baby gate off my pom pups (a 2 yr old and a 10 wk old) in the back hall so that they are pretty much confined but still have room to play. Both of their crates are in the hall with them but I dont need to lock them up in the crate because they dont potty in that area and i am never really gone that long.
They are good when i leave because they are worn out from playing and exercise but when i come home i can walk up my front steps and cant hear them but as soon as they key hits the door I hear them freak out. As soon as i walk in and they can see me my older pom stops barking but they little one persists. I try to get him to focus by telling him “enough” and “sit”. As soon as he sits AND is quiet I let him out. But this process seems to take forever. Is it normal? I know he is just a puppy; i just want to know if there is a better tactic. What worked for you? Thank you for your answers…

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Answer by MissA
I also have a pom and have tried everything to nothing has seemed to work for me they’re just excited to see you and want to play with you plus there puppies so they have tons of energy good luck hope u find something that works BUT its DEFINITELY NORMAL

Answer by Generaznx
If they were conditioned as puppies to expect to be petted or picked up when you come home then they’ll expect it to happen as they get older.

What we did with our dog is to ignore her for 5 minutes when we get home and leave the house without making a fuss. If they know you’re gone then they’ll build up that energy til you get back.

Try coming and going for a minute at a time to get your puppy use to the idea and soon they’ll get the hint.

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