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Posted in Child Care on 6th September 2011

My parents wont let me hang out with my boyfriend or my friends Help!!?
Well my mom over heard me talking about my boyfriend (who ive been going out with for 5 months) on the phone with my bestest friend and she found out that i kissed him and stuff, so i got in trouble and then she starting asking me all these random questions like ” did you have sex with him? ” ” what have you done with him” ( and i never had sex with him at all, but she didnt believe me ) and starting getting all mad. so then she told my dad, and he also got mad, and he told me that i cannot hangout with my bestest friend and go out with my boyfriend no more and that i had to give back the necklace he gave me on valentines day. And now my parents dont trust me at all and dont want me hanging out with any of my friends at all ( cause they think they influence me and control my mind and stuff and they dont at all ) and i dont want to break up with him, cause we both love eachother so much and i dont want to stop seeing my bestest friend, cause we been best friends for a long time, since 6th grade ( almost like a sister ). And i want to continue hanging out with them, but im afraid because my dad and my mom ( mostly my dad ) are very strict and act abusive to me, for example i was staying afterschool for math and my bestest friend was there and my dad didnt want me to sit next to her or anyone in the class. ( and he’s just watching me in the class the whole entire time like a stalker ) Then after the thing was done, me and my guy friend both walked out together talking and all of sudden my dad goes up to him asking him ” whats your name young man” ( cause he thinks he is my boyfriend ) and my guy friend tells him his name and then walks away. so my dad starts getting mad at me saying ” who was that boy?” ” why are you talking to him” “what were you talking about?” and starts getting so angry and in the car he start saying stuff like ” why where you sitting next to your friend ” ” your not suppose to sit next to her” ” do you have any sense at all” ” what the h*ll is wrong with you” ” dont let me see you or catch you hanging with your friend or your gonna have to deal with me” ” dont think i wont beat you or whoop, dekalb says dont hurt or beat your child, but i dont care” ” and if i see you with your boyfriend, im gonna get him arrested “( and my boyfriend never did anything wrong to me at all ) and saying it again and again and im just sitting there on the verge of crying ( and he all ready hit me cause of the situation and in the past too and i dont know if this is child abuse or something ) and im just scared to be in that house now and dont want to loose my friend or my boyfriend at all. so what should i do? please someone help me…im scared….:(
and my dad is scaring all my friends away and my friends are worry for my safety ( cause they know my dad is strict )

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Answer by water
you should defy her and do what you want

Answer by Kacie
do what you want, or find a new one and have an easy life

Answer by NINDY
I’m sorry you’re so frustrated =[

It doesn’t seem like your parents trust you. I was working in group when a speaker from Planned Parenthood came and was explaining to the group how a mom and dad brought their teenage daughter in and everybody was real upset because the girl had been caught engaging in oral sex with her boyfriend so her parents just flipped out especially her dad saying now that she did that she was going to go and have sex with him and everybody else….well the speaker who was working in the clinic during the time they came in took the girl aside and talked to her in private and then he took the parents aside and talked to them in private and explained that necessarily all they were assuming was true especially to the dad and once the 4 of them talked together they came to a compromise so I think thats what you need is to talk to a counselor with your parents…preferably a school counselor. I hope everything works out for you. I would be upset too if I couldn’t hang out with my best friend or my boyfriend anymore

Answer by I’m every woman
If you are concerned about child abuse. Social services is a phone call away (if you are in the US of course). You can always make an “anonymous” call reporting the situation. (especially since he partially freaked out in a public place). If you are afraid your father will hurt you badly enough to fear for yourself, it may not be a bad idea to contact authorities. As for parents, most are just concerned with the well being of their children. We, as parents, want to be sure we are guiding our children in the right direction for a potentially fulfilling adulthood. I am not against corporal punishment, but overuse of this discipline and the use of it on a teen is not the best option for parents. I urge you to speak to a teacher or counselor you trust, as these professionals are trained for these types of situations. They will best know your parental situation and will help you make the decisions you have to make.

Good luck and be careful!!

Answer by Nina
I hope your dad doesn’t-no, I hope he sees this message. He is an asshole. Sure, your parents are trying to shelter you from the bad things in life and I respect that, but there are limits to this. A parent should know that kids should not be oversheltered, for when the parents are gone, the child will need to be dependent. Your dad is waaaaay too paranoid, and should seek help by going to counseling. Why? He also hits you on the things that are not big of a deal. He sounds very agrresive in nature. You should report to a counselor when things get worse. It sounds a bit uncomfortable to tell about, but I swear you will not regret it.

Answer by ♥X♦XCoriX♦X♥
ur dad sounds lik an agresive, abusive, crazy man (no ofence). i would call the police cuz just reading this makes me scared of ur dad.

i wish u the best!

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