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Posted in Babysitting on 2nd January 2011

My parents won’t let me babysit. What to do?
I am a 16 year old high school senior with no drivers’ license. My parents will only let me get a job at QFC, which has not called me back. My mother refuses to look around her workplace to see if anyone is hiring. So it seemed like the best job for me to do is babysit.

Now my mother is paranoid because I want to tape a flyer to our community mailbox posting my name and phone number. She says that “creepy” people will get our phone number and come after me or something. I already have experience working at a daycare and doing babysitting jobs for kids I know, but she doesn not want to let me babysit “strangers.” How can I convince her to let me babysit?

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Answer by re.gibbs
she’s right. dont go to strangers. ask your parents friends, other family members, and ask if you can post a notice in the bulliten at church. you dont need strange men calling you and getting you to go anywhere alone. she’s just being a good mom.

Answer by Richard G
I Have babysitted,and by word of mouth,at laundrymats,boards,while doing your laundy,talking to people face to face, someone next door,or across the street,some times it’s better to set-up some by looking in the newspaper for sitters, that way…called babysitters wanted?

Answer by whiteabs1323
im sorry to tell but yes your mom is right and yes, she is paranoid, SHE IS TRYING TO PROTECT YOU!, but anyways there is a lot dangers out there in babysiting, you can still babysit for family members.

or if you want run those dangers like someone trying to kill you then just tell your mom you’re going to a friends house

Answer by AE N
Try babysitting your good neighbors children, and ask your parents friend and family to babysit their children.

All in all concentrate on getting great grades and work on a scholarship for college

Good Luck!

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