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Posted in Child Care on 7th January 2012

my parents…help important?
love my little brother… a lot! i was babysitting him today with two of my friends and he had a Friend over and they chased us around with lighters, knifes and he keep shouting touch Amanda’s boobs! ?(my friend) and they did! we ended up locking ourselves room and they broke a hole in the door cussing us out the whole time and i told my dad and he said “so your saying you cant control the child left in your care” and so now i am getting in trouble for the hole in the door . just now he came up and punched me and called me a bi*Tch and i pushed him off of me and he literally down the hall head on into my parents door and pretended to cry and say i pushed him and his face was red and my parents believed him. p.s he is only 8!!!

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Answer by Jerazo
Those little kids are pervs and need MENTAL HELP!!! Seriously, who would do this to girls. I say you ignore your brother for a long time so he can think about what he did. Call your little brother’s friend mother and tell her what he did. He will get into so much trouble

Answer by Tessa
Talk to your friend and see if he can get her parents to talk to yours. It will help if another adult complains.Your brother sounds like a turd burger by the way. I wouldn’t baby sit him any more, let your parents find some one else cos if he does it to some one else and they tell your parents he will get in trouble.

Answer by faith
Okay, show this to your parents.
It is almost a given that a younger sibling will not listen to an older sibling that is left in charge. Especially when the younger sibling knows that he can go cry wolf to the parents and they will take his side. If parents insist on having an older sibling watch a younger sibling then they must give the older sibling their trust and the ability to dole out discipline within reason. It is also not a good idea to have a siblings friend over when an older sibling is babysitting because children may tend to act up in front of a buddy. It is completely unacceptable for any person regardless of their age to go around touching another person where they do not want to be touched. Parents may see their youngest child as the innocent baby when in fact that child can be a hellion. Seriously show this answer to your parents! I am a mom of 3 with an 11 year age difference between the 2 youngest. I know what I am talking about here.
If your parents insist that you babysit your little brother in the future despite your concerns then I suggest that you invest in a roll of duct tape! If the little bugger acts up next time you are watching him then duct tape him to a chair. Make sure you don’t tape him too tightly. He does need to be able to breathe. Make sure that you put the chair he is taped to near you and the television and turn on the mushiest girly movie you can think of. I bet you won’t have to use the tape a second time!

Answer by M-V-P
when your lil bro bothering you ignore him completely that will cause him to continue more for the first time but when he see that you not happy with what his doing and being ignore he will stop, its seem like he need a lil attention so pretending to cry and those stuff will turn all the attention to him so if he doest find anything that will cause him to pretend to cry he will eventually stop…

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