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Posted in Toddlers on 17th December 2010

My parents are making me really resent dogs?
My mom and stepdad finally decided to get a dog a couple months ago. So they bought a 4 months old doberman.
At first I thought it was going good, they seems to train the dog and I actually enjoy being around him and everything. But… about two months it just get so bad that now I really don’t like him nor any dogs at all! I really tries to be patient, but I’m starting to really losing my nerve.

-I can NEVER go in house without having to pet the dog. No matter what happen, I could just be coming back from school or rushing back into the house to try get something because I forgot it, or whatever. If I doesn’t pet the dog, he’d barks like crazy and my parents will get mad at me and told me to pet him. I cannot even just quickly pats him as I walk past him or anything. I have to literally stand there and talk to him and pet him for two or three minutes. Very annoying especially if I am in a hurry, going in and out frequently, etc… It is worst when I’m all hot and sweaty from being outside, last thing I want to do is touching anything warm with hair!

-I can never go into kitchen in peace any more. EVERY time I go in, I HAVE to either feed him, give him treat, or something. If I’m making something and he start to bark, I have to give him a piece of whatever I’m making! Also it get so bad when I’m trying to cook or prepare a meal. He’d get in way nonstop, I cannot even walk or turn around without bumping into him, get thing out of cabinet or fridge without him barking and begging for a piece, etc…
A couple weeks ago, I was trying to get roast beef out of oven for mom. He came up and start to sniff back of my head and neck after jerking around some, I thought he has left to do his own thing. Just as I pulled the roast out of the oven, he suddenly barks right behind my head, shocking me so much that I dropped the roast!
Today I was trying to make noodle, the dog was outside. When I got pan off to carry it to the sink, my mom came home and open the door, that’s when the dog rushed in, he bumped into me, causing me to spill scalding hot water onto my tummy and thigh!

-Parents think it is fine for him to sniffs around food on dinner table. They’d even let him hoover above their dish and sniff their food. I personally DON’T like this, I don’t even like people handling my food without gloves, let lone having a dog face so close to my food. So every time I’m eating if I try to pushes him away from my food, my parent would get mad and says he will not take the food, he just want to smell!

-If he ask to play, I HAVE to do it! If I don’t, he will barks and my parents will yell at me.

-He have a really nasty habit of grabbing people ankle. I hate this! If I yell at him for this, my parents get mad at me and say I have to pet him until he calm down!

And many more. My parents say that the dog is going through “toddler” phrase and it is most critical time for the dog and that he need to be given lot of attention and love for his health. They even acknowledge he’s spoiled rotten! They says they’d rather to have a spoiled dog that is happy and healthy.

I don’t want to be mean to the dog or anything, but… I believe the dog need to be trained and shown who is in charge and cannot have his way every single time. This is just making me really hating dogs to point where I don’t even want to pet any dogs any more. I feel like I’m this dog’s slave!
Their method of training is to give it whatever it want whenever it want at drop of hat!

I normally do pet dog whenever I come in, but there are time when I don’t pet dog for whatever reason.

As for dog in the kitchen… well most people i know either don’t always give dog every single food they get out. Let say I get cheese and bread out to make cheese sandwich. I HAVE to give him a piece of both whenever he ask for it, even if he have bowl full of food.

Most people don’t like dog to sniff and be so close to their food! Is that so hard to understand?

Just because I have dog, it doesn’t mean I have to play with him on demand. Sometime I just want to sit and watch movie, do my homework, or read without being interrupted. But no! I have to play with him when he ask.

To me, that’s just giving him whatever he want whenever he want. Not exactly training in my opinion.
Exactly! The dog is in control of everything! He get whatever he want whenever he want.
My parents think this is fantastic way to train a dog.

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Answer by casey
i don’t think it is the dog who is spoiled …

Answer by Alex
So, I’m probably going to get reported for this but…
You have to pet a puppy when you come home, you poor tortures soul!
He’s hungry, ow wow that’s a bad dog.
If you think he needs trained, THEN DO IT! You said they finally decided to get one implying that you were glad to get it and probably asked for it. Therefor, you should be taking some responsibility for it.
If he’s annoying you while you’re making/eating food put him outside and ask your parents to please leave him there.
Ow no, a puppy that wants to play. Wow, that’s pretty bad.
He’s a PUPPY!! He needs trained! You can’t blame him for doing bad things when you never taught him the right way. Do you expect him to just know?

Answer by Melissa
It sounds to me like the dog is in control and not the other way around. I’ve had dogs my whole life and you do not want the dog to be the boss. The best thing to do is get the advice of a professional dog trainer. Some will come to your house or you can attend classes with the dog. I think it is a very important step especially in a larger breed dog. Don’t give up on the dog, he can be your best friend and all he needs is some correction not spoiling.

Answer by Autumn
Your parents will pay the price for not training their dog. The dog’s behaviour will get worse as time passes. Unfortunately they will probably dump it when it’s behaviour becomes unbearable and it will be their fault entirely.

These people obviously know nothing about dogs and should never have bought an intelligent breed like this. The dog has already outsmarted them. It’s not the dog’s fault the way it behaves, you’re directing your resentment the wrong way.

Suggest they take the dog to obedience training…or better still, you take the dog to obedience classes. You may save its life. Dobes are smart dogs and you’ll enjoy training when you see how quickly the dog responds to you.

When your parents see the dog behaving for you and obeying your commands it might register in their thick heads that they are ruining the dog. To do nothing will see this dog paying for your parents mistakes with its life.

Answer by Lorraine
Just TOTALLY agree with Autumn.

Your parents are setting themselves up for having the worst behaved dog in the country.

Example… you DO NOT stop and pet the dog when it is barking at you to do so.. etc etc.

Read up lots and lots on puppy training and also google NILIF. If your parents are not going to do this then turn it around as Autumn says and you train the dog and have him doing what you want. You would find that very rewarding.

You have two choices – either that or the dog will end up in a shelter and possibly with such bad manners that nobody wants to take him on.

NILIF….. read that.

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