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my mom and dad DOES have a favorite?
my lil brother (4 years younger,12 yrs old) is their favorite. whether it be bad or good,everything is okay for him. he cut (with my dad’s cutter) part of the couch outside, the remote control, 2 stuffed animals we used as a nap-time pillow, and some other thing i can’t remember.he ALWAYS leaves trash everywhere but my parents don’t seem to mind. when i tell them, they just go, “pick it up!” and thats it(its rare too that they say it). he always gives me attitude whenever i tell him to do something. saying stuff like, “WHY DO YOU CARE” &etc.
i recently burned my older sister’s shirt (i was reallyx10 pissed off and that was the only thing i could think of. long story.) and my dad went berzerko and smacked me really hard on the head(twice), saying, “i dont understand why you’re doing this. you’re absurd. you’re crazy. you’re not my child. my child wouldn’t do this. get out of the house.”like my brother isn’t crazy.
what do you think of this? do you agree of smacking/hitting/kicking?
i’m the first generation of american-asian over here along with my stupid siblings. my parents aren’t too strict, they’re just wack when it comes to discipline.(my parents are asian)
they’re always working and they pity my lil brother because they don’t have “enough time” with him (they go to places like, every week with him, golfing and fishing and etc)
im the middle child. i get in trouble all the time. i’m the second daughter so it doesn’t matter, really.

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Answer by SodaLicious
Yeah, my mom liked my brother better than she liked me and she still does. When I told her that I knew it, she just started to cry. It sounds like your dad just lost it when he said to get out of the house and was smacking you. He probably feels bad about it, now.

Answer by elaeblue
Gee want a little cheese with that whine?

Answer by krupt911
it’s life…don’t worry to much….

Answer by bhsRUGBYplayer
Well I’m sure your parents really do love you. I know how you feel my little brother is 3 years younger, i have been in the same situations, if he is the youngest, it probably has something to do with it…the youngest usually get away with the most, and are babied the most…things will get better, i used to feel the exact same way, i used to get in trouble for not doing my chores, when he didnt do them it was not a problem…basically i know it sucks feeling the way you do but its really part of life….good luck

Answer by sapphiretigress
Does having an Asian background come into play? They lived in a culture where the boys are treated differently than the girls, because of the different roles they play in that society. The US is not a traditional place to raise kids, and that might be making them do things they might not normally do, as in watching your neighbors handle their kids as opposed to knowing how they were raised.

I’m guessing from your post that you’re an oldest child. I was, too, of five. There is a point where you feel like an appliance, just plug her in and watch her go! from the parents’ standpoint.

I don’t agree with the smacking, hitting, kicking, most definitely not. Is it easier for you to talk to your mom or your dad? I’d try for your mom. Ask her about her childhood. Ask her to differentiate the way she was reared versus the way she’s rearing you. Maybe you’ll both be surprised and find an understanding.

I know you’re at an age where you’re wanting to find your own answers, but they might be at the dining table with your mom over a piece of cake.

My bratty little brother is now an excellent uncle and an F-18 pilot. They do come out all right once in a while 🙂

Answer by poporkzerg
instead of focusing as to who your mom or your dad’s favorite is, try focusing on how you can be a better person, a person your parents can be proud of. you said your dad hit you when you burnt your sister’s shirt. i would think it was just your dad’s sudden anger in seeing that you have done something stupid and dangerous. of course hitting should not have happened, but it did remind you hopefully that what you did was wrong, regardless how pissed you were with your sister. learn to focus on better things, and keep from whining, it does not ever do you any good. And your parents being of asian background should not be taken against your parents, coz if you only know how different it is that children who grew up in Asia show respect to their elders as compared to how the children reared up in the US show respect..you will understand where your parents are coming from. so good luck.

Answer by brittany c
the youngest child always gets more attention and never gets in as much trouble as the other kids thats just the way it is sorry….and ur dad should not be smaking ur head wuts wrong with that fool he should hav just grounded u or made u pay for the shirt

Answer by Me
Well, you shouldn’t have burned your older sister’s shirt. That’s just ridiculous.

I agree with spanking kids, but I don’t agree with everything your dad said to you. IF this really did happen.

and younger children always get more spoiled than older ones. you’re not the only one.

Answer by

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