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Posted in Toddlers on 17th November 2010

question of spoiled_princess_pennsylvania : My friend says he has a problem accepting my daughter .?
My friend and I (both in our 40’s) have are apart before and after almost 3 years back together datiert.Seitdem I was in the process of adopting a toddler. He said, why is the adoption of “beyond it, and it makes things 100% harder than relationships and dating.” He said: “You can identify these limits and hurt us right?” and then he said “I give me (him) time to get my (me) to accept election to the adoption of a toddler” My child can be a handful at times through the ups and downs of the first years of life. My child has a lot before my verbessert.Nun new child, he told me he is not sure why I am doing this because my other children are teenagers now and I am not free to build our relationship and spend time together . I asked him what happened, if he can not accept it, my child, then said he: “We would not have done it,” said mother realized my inner … STOP. Is this how he talks now … He has a big slope on my toddler. And the part that blows me he is teenage children who he has custody and has only since they were small erhöht.Ich am ready to take his children as they are and as my own when the time came. I treat her like my own kaufen.Bitte to give real advice. I am beginning to think I’m crazy. Does this scream “break up” or is it a normal feeling for a man to have if his children are almost grown? He says he loves me and has really loved me for years, since before we dated and has never been about me since. ? If this is the case, then should not he also the love of my children We are living apart and 2 hours (I have not used the infants age, gender or name of private file info) Best Answer.

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Ask the child to throw the friend.

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