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Posted in Babysitting on 15th November 2012

My family tells me I will be a Crazy Cat Lady?
As the tittle says, they tell me I’m goin to be a crazy cat lady. First, I have 1 cat who have it, I do not even want any more cats I am fine with my one cat. I’m 15 and I have no friends that I’ve never dated me that’s why they say that. Another reason, because my family hates cats is the only reason we have this cat is because we “babysitting” but the owners were never raised at him. At first I liked him a little, but now I love this cat and he loves me, he cries when he can not find me. I do not treat him like a baby with him or just talk funny he is my cat, which I love. I have. 2 dogs that I love, like the cat I prefer dogs over cats, but I was lucky with this cat What should I do. it kinda hurts my feelings when they say I’m crazy cat lady one Best Answer (s):

reply by Helen Rempel
Do not do anything because there is nothing wrong. Your family will either tease or stupid. A cat does not make you a “crazy cat lady”. They have twice as many dogs as cats … they call you a crazy dog ​​lady, too? And there is nothing wrong with not having dated at 15. It would be silly to say just for the sake of situation, you had to date. You are wise to wait, until someone you really like, before they find a guy, and this is perhaps not happen for another year or even more. You have the whole rest of your life to date, no need to rush in before you are ready to fühlen.Wie with friends … maybe you can find a sport or hobby you interested and just see if you can make a few friends. It would be fun to do with a friend or two things sometimes … have shop, see a movie, participate in a sport, etc. And you’re old enough to do volunteer work if. at an animal shelter or nursing home or at another location Even if you are not really make friends, you feel really good about the possibility of others.

response from Mircat help
The more you respond, the more That gives them a reward to tease you. So they completely ignore what you do not hear it or accept it fully. It’s no fun for people to swipe at you when you disagree with them. You just say: “Really I hope so.” Or: “I’m planning on it.” Or, “Yes, I will.” Something. I have used and now have over 8 to 5. I have called so. I say: “I’ve worked hard enough to earn the title, I hope!” There are worse things to be ….. a crazy lady but no cats!

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