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Posted in Child Support on 25th December 2010

My ex’s husband wants to adopt my daughter with her, would I have still have to pay “back child support”?
My ex’s husband, who is a wonderful husband and father to our 12 year old daughter. She calls him Daddy, cause she’s lived with him and her mother since she was 4 or 5 years old. He wants to adopt her and her mother wants that too. I owe about 10K in back child support. If they adopted her would the 10K be dismissed or would I still have to pay? This is a real question. I am still in her life and would continue to be so.

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Answer by Pixiep
Yep, she was still your kid for all that time and you owe it.

Answer by CC
i think you would have to pay it.

Answer by gala ria
you still owe the money. please take care of your responsibility. there are so many men that give excuses about not having a job. if she was able to raise the child, you can help.

Answer by TheOne
You did not mention your state.

In some areas, you would continue to pay child support until the child was 18.

So, why would you give up rights to your child if you plan on still being in their life, especially if you still pay child support ?

You should contact an attorney.

Reference this site for free legal advice. I ran across this site when I was looking for legal advice. It is free and has real / licensed lawyers. Don’t forget, lawyers will meet with you for an initial meeting for free. Also, nowadays, many lawyers will make arrangements with you for payments on a weekly, bi-weekly basis. Don’t forget, licensed professionals, like everyone else, are having a hard time making ends meet. They are willing to work with you.

Just get out your telephone book and start calling them (if you don’t want to check out the site).

The Dads House Forum is for men and women who experience the unfairness of child custody and child support issues.

The Law Guru Site is a great source for FREE legal advice.


Answer by Doodlestuff
Yes, you do unless you have the judge vacate the judgment for back child support. I’d insist on that before agreeing to the adoption and to make sure that it is vacated before the adoption finalized.

Considering they have her call him Daddy, when in fact, she has a father who is active in her life, your ex should eat the arrears.

Answer by ♥Tweety♥
No because in order for your ex’s husband to adopt her you would have to sign over your parental right.And the that means you lose all rights to her as a father, and you still would have to pay the back support but nothing else ,because It will stop right after you sign over your rights.And as far as you still being in her life that is something you can ex has to workout.

Answer by Ouragon
Arrearage would not disappear. You would still have to pay.

Answer by bronzebabekentucky
Of course you will have to pay what you owe!
It is for your CHILD.
If you are still in her life, you should continue to pay child supprt. She is STILL your child!!

Answer by Beth H
In most states, once your child has been adopted you are no longer legally obligated to pay child support. But you would still have to pay the back child support.

Answer by Gia
You can work this out with an attorney. that is why I hate child support enforcement agency because the agency keeps most of the money. Where I live they have to be behind bullet proof windows. I went with a friend to pay his child support and even banks don’t have that kind of protection! It is not because the parent doesn’t want to pay child support it is because the state gets more money than the child!

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