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Posted in Child Care on 7th November 2012

My ex did this … What should my response to him?
After 14 years of a turbulent relationship and a child, things finally come to a stroke and ended for good with my ex. Not even a month after his marriage with the woman he cheated on me with, he came to me telling me that he still loved me and that he will always be there for me no matter what all the time trying to contact me to sleep, if I allowed him to come to my house to visit our child. I kept in touch with him. He won by a now ex girlfriend for me to spy for him. The two began spreading malicious gossip and rumors about me. I cut both out of my life. He’s my sister and others called to tell her that our child is not his. He made it his task to not pay any attention to our child, which made me mad at first, but over time, I think it’s the best thing he has done for them. After that I and no less care about his lack of involvement in our child’s life, he took to tell people that I am a whore, why he is the child of doubt paternity, was (still refuses to take the DNA test claiming it is) not necessary. He pays court ordered support and is not to be found in it. Says things like: “No one will take him to spend time with a child he does not want to”, “I take my child to the moon for all he cares” Around Father’s Day to appease his conscience, he showed himself with another idiot who did his lawyer in my job and go to where my child after school, ask to see his child. He was rejected, so he sent me an email demanding that I called him, she allowed to see. I said no, he replied: “OK, step two” It is now 6 months later and our daughter’s 6th Birthday two weeks ago, this man does not send a card or called her her birthday. But who should come knocking on my door on Monday 12/13 @ 8:30 pm? My ex! I did not answer (restraining order) I did not want to disturb. On Wednesday morning, during a conversation with a police officer friend of mine, whose name do you think I heard over his radio was arrested and booked for domestic violence? His new wife! They beat the tar out of him. Every time I start to feel comfortable in my skin, show this man, I’m really frustrated, its been over a year, I thought he would have been by now. What does he want from me Best Answer (s):

response from boatwoman
He plays mind games with you, ignore it, it is crazy it sometimes, but not fall into his “web” of deceit. My daughter is in the same situation, he is now an alcoholic, and she will not allow him near the child once he has been drinking.

answer by Three-tz
fHmmm .. sounds like my ex, as hard as it may be, you have to. the high street and the example for your child I can tell from today’s perspective, it is the best way. He is just a control freak who is trying is to you. Good Luck!

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