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Posted in Child Care on 1st January 2011

My Dad had a child from his first marraige?
A long time ago my Dad told me he had a son from his first marraige who had died when he was a child..we live abroad and we’re visiting the homeland 😉 so that’s the only reason he mentioned it I guess.
But lately I’ve been thinking. I want to know more. I would never dream of approaching the topic because its not something that we really discuss. But it kills me that my dad had this other child..there was this whole other person that I will never know anything about. They had a whole other life together that I will never know anything about. I don’t even know HOW he died because when I was told about this ( I was a bit younger then) my attitude was ” I DONT CARE”.
I clearly do.

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Answer by Professional cupcake model
tell your father how you truly feel and maybe he will open up and tell you about the child

Answer by Kayleigh
If you don’t ask you’ll never know…it maybe akward but I’d ask.

Answer by Auntie P
Ask your dad. He is probably the only one who can tell you and he should understand your interest.

Answer by Bears Mom
If he told you about the former marriage and son then I don’t think he would mind telling you the details. As you said at the time he told you you were younger and had no interest in knowing so didn’t ask any questions. So, just go ahead and ask him about it now.

Answer by marys.momma
Some time, when you’re alone together, ask your dad to tell you about his earlier life. If he has mentioned it even in passing, I think he’s ready to say more about it. Mostly listen, don’t interrupt with a lot of questions, and you’ll learn a lot about your dad and his background.

Answer by sarah
Just because you hadn’t discussed it before doesn’t mean you can’t do so now. It’s possible your father might be pleased that you are interested in keeping the memory of his other child alive.

Answer by Sew What?
You should ask your dad about his son and your half brother who died. As you said earlier, you were younger. Let you dad know that you are interested in knowing more now. I’m sure your dad will understand how his having a whole different life might have been more than you were able to accept at the time.

Answer by Green
How are you sister? First of all, I am sorry about for your lost as well as your father’s loss…Second, you should tell your father how you feel and you are curious to know how this first marriage and how your step-brother died and how old he was and etc. Tell him how you feel and you want to know his other life that he spent with his first marriage…
I hope I helped

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