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Posted in Child Care on 24th December 2010

My child may be being abused.?
Back in 2000 I lost custody of my son after his father took him from me out of our home state (he also took my eldest son who was not his and told the courts he was) After many trips to the state that my ex is currently in I was finally able to prove my eldest son was not my exes and remove him from my exes “care” . He was not charged in the kidnapping of my eldest son and was then rewarded physical sole custody of my youngest with visitation rights to me on Holidays. I saw my son for 1 easter and have not seen him again since 2001. I have tried to make calls and the number was changed only for me to start searching all over sometimes taking years and get the same, result in 08 my ex married a school teacher she was a huge advocate for me and my son and would “sneak” schoolwork to me via myspace and grades and let me write him letters and a few times she let him call me.
Then my ex joined a biker gang started drinking and I would assume that he did to her what he did to me and became abusive. She left him, She has since been able to get my son on some weekends and has contacted me recently as she believes that he is being mentally abused. My son is special needs, and she has also been finding marks on him..He won’t discuss anything with her because he says he will get in trouble. Her daughter and she are both willing to get notarized statements for the court as are some of my sons friends parents.

I cannot bare that I am 1800 miles away and still my hands are bound, what can I do to start some sort of ball rolling..I have been told DCS (DFS) is involved with 3 other kids in the home because my exes current girlfriend has been a noted drug user and has had her kids taken before. I do not want to make accusations that may not be true, but I am so worried about my son, that I feel I need to, what steps can I take to first be sure these allegations are not just a female scorned. If my son is being abused will he go to Foster care, can I take custody back if he does… I want to state now, that I am in the best interest of my son, he has been with his dad a long time and it’s the home he knows, he hasn’t seen me since he was 3. One of the people involved does know where my child is located. My ex has already broken our custody by not granting visitations or contact.

I must also note that my son that I retained custody of was brought for a check up IMMEDIATELY upon our arrival, he had an untreated collarbone fracture, was malnourished and to this day has trust issues. The court though shown documentation said I could have swayed the doctors opinion, though it was not at all possible for that to happen, but since it was a DR here in my state and not in TN, It couldn’t be proven..I could not afford to make another trip to a state where my insurance was no good to have my son looked at by another DR.

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Answer by Molly
First of all. im truely sorry that you have to go through this. i can tell you love your son immensely. i think with this kind of issue, child abuse, and custody violations a lawyer is your best bet. if you ever need to talk feel free to email.l im sorry i couldnt be of much more help

Answer by Megan Bliffin
My opinion i feel like you should get Department of children and families involved.One thing i know about Department of children and families is they will not take action in less they truly feel like it is in the child’s best interests.They will investigate the issue and then go from there.You are looking out for the best interest in your child by doing this.It sucks that you have to go to this measure but you have to find out what is true and what is not.The ex maybe doing all of this to get back at him.That’s where the nurturing mother comes out.No matter what or how long you have been with out him he is still yours forever and you are just doing what is right.I would ask the ex why she has not done anything about it.If she has seen these things happen to your son then she should have stood up and started to handle it herself since you are 1800 miles away.Look into it because you will not be able to rest till then.I have had my children in the system before do to my ex husband doing bad stuff to my child.Department of children and families done so many wonderful things for my family.Me and my children are back together and happy,;but most of all we are protected.And go to sleep knowing they are unharmed.Good luck honey,

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