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Posted in Toddlers on 6th December 2013

My child is a “chatty Kathy” and I feel bad if I say to her, “Later”?
They emphasize again and again in “what the toddler years expect,” that when our children ask us, we should listen, no matter what job we do. They say unless the task would be dangerous to be unstoppable in the middle, we should drop what we are doing and listen, because “if a toddlers stories might not be important to you to the toddler very important, it is . “They make it sound as if * the * time, this is doable. But at least a few times a day I have found I can not do it. For example, some tasks must eventually be competed. I will begin the courts and my child will call for me. I can not hear when I stop what I’m doing, so I go over, you hear three minutes walk over her stuffed animal or something, and so on. But then the instant I get back into the water dip my hands calling me again. And then the same. and then on again. And this is after I just PLAYED with her for an hour! After 15 minutes of nothing, but in my hands and again I run away immersing finally just tell her, I need 15 minutes to get ready and not doing to bother me. But I feel terrible to say to her, I can not hear you – I also feel inferior, who wrote What to Expect books, and worse than any mother to forget verwaltet.Nicht to follow their advice the fact sweeps my child constantly and it is unfair of me to give her my full attention when I mention one of my other children. They deserve the attention, and just because they do not talk about how incessantly does not mean that I just continue to pay the move away from them to pay attention to my child. However, according to the book, it is necessary to everything every time they need to talk I sinken.Bin the book misunderstanding? Do they give the child a chance to speak, and then it’s OK to take a 5 minute break (or more?) If I take the book too literally, or is just that I kinda suck WAAAY more than most other mothers? (Or maybe that overshadowed my child a little more than most, I mean, how the hell is OK expected for a child, and never down that the parents cease to NEVER have to? I have things that once in a while must do (like vacuuming) and I can not just keep turning it off to hear over and over., I will turn it off once or twice in a row, but there comes a point where I continue with my task. Whats wrong ? with the people who wrote the book or what else is wrong with me Best Answer (s):

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