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Posted in Babysitting on 12th November 2010

question I have a question …: My BFF rubbed finish usual babysitting job in my face ?
It was his well-meaning. He called me first, but my father wanted me to think about it first and at the time he let me call you back, he had already called. She knew I wanted it and was very excited, but she took it anyway. I needed the money more because she gets $ 900 a month and I do not get anything, and I have to buy my own car, while one had given her. And baby-sitting is the only car-free work we do can live in the city, I was in.Ich fine with the fact that it lasted, but now she is used to stop rubbing in my face. She always says: “I will not have a life.” And I will say, “Why did you then take over the job?” and they will say, Oh, and today she said “Good question.”: “So go do a walk after school today” and I said, “Sure,” and then she said. “Well, I can not because I baby-sit” And then she called me the other day and about two seconds after I click on it start to talk to her mother (who was the guy they pay attention to their reputation because they do it themselves and got ..??) could all details and then when they were finished talking and was ready to talk to me, “she said, she had to leave. So basically they just called me, so I get them I hören.Wie without admitting to her that I’m jealous, stop, because it would then only be mad at me and say, “You the one that has not phoned ! It’s not my fault! ” Although my father did not call me * * Could not do (sorry) Best Answer:

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Get a higher paying job is.

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