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Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question by a : My almost-12 months old will not eat / can not “Table / toddler” food. His dr. is not affected. Why am I?
My son is not to solid food really impressed all. Occasionally when we are in a restaurant, he will want something to take with (foodwise), but it seems he would be content simply silent almost exclusively. We established him at the family table and we all eat dinner together (me, husband, and him) and I usually have breakfast with him – and I mean, what will he eat little. I do not want to force food on him or start a power struggle, but he just does not seem to do nothing. What he does take a bit of food puree is smooth – the 3rd seems to hate Level food, so we do not really go that way anymore. And I have everything I feed cost him – it’s not that I try to eat him something really gross. We offer small pieces of our (if any) food and he just thinks it is for mushing, brass, and throw the chair, the dog. If something makes it into his mouth and it can not resolve completely (like steamed peas or rice), he often jokes. He has white 5 Zähne.Ich I should not my child compared to others, but my friends eat with peers baby whole green beans, string cheese and even PB & J sandwiches! My son just wants the chest. I have spoken to the Dr.. about it and they will not seem to think it is a big problem, as feed themselves from time to time (Puffs, Graham goldfish, yogurt melts). He also uses a bag for the occasional feeding expressed breast milk if I’m not there, and a straw cup for water and beat all his other milestones of development (first steps last week). He is about 50th Percentile for height and weight, it is obviously growing just fine. I try to live by the “Food is for fun until the age of a” mantra, but his birthday is next week and he has to eat still no real desire to “real food.” So, what can I do to get something about me or my son might be more interested in solids? He has discussed his 12 months check-up at the end of this month and I plan it again with his pediatrician Best Answer.

response from Lucky:]
for a mother .. ur always goinna worry bout your child their whole life, whether big or small the situation

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