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Posted in Babysitting on 3rd January 2011

Movies for ten year old girls?
My mother and her sister have just started getting close and my aunt has this ten year old daughter. I have no clue what my cousin would want to watch .. as I am now her new babysitter. We’ve already watched Twilight and Hairspray on previous “babysitting” nights. Any other ideas ? |:

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Answer by brown eyed girl
Hannah Montana, Highschool musical… that’s what the kids watch I work with (they’re in elementary school)
or you can just ask her and check with her mom that it’s ok to watch what she wants to watch

Answer by Hasta Le Bye Bye
IDK let her pick out a movie herself, just make sure it is rated something her mother would approve of (so if mom doesnt let her watch PG-13 only let her pick PG and G movies). Otherwise let her pick the movie

Answer by TootToot
Try getting Marley & Me. I love that movie. I hate HSM and HM. Or you could get Secret Life Of Bee’s.

Answer by rostery chicken head
little mermaid
city of ember
lion king
brigde 2 terribithae
hannah monntana
journey 2 the center of the earth
kung fu panda
wallace and grommit
scobby doo
bugs life
spy kids

Answer by pickles
are you aloud to take her out of the house? if you are then take her to the nearest movie rental place (for example blockbuster) and let her pick out a movie(make sure you check what it is rated though!!!).

Answer by IDK
Over the hedge. OOO a gret one is THE BEE MOVIE its great and funny, just suggestions, but LET HER PICK!!!! 🙂

Answer by I am who I am.
HIgh School Musical 1,2,3
Lizzie Mcguire Movie
Hannah Montana episodes on dvd
Nancy Drew
Bridge to Terabithia
Because of WinnDixie
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Shrek 1,2
Marley and Me
Kit Kittredge, An American Girl Mystery
Bedtime Stories
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Chrissa Stands Strong- An American Girl Movie
Charlotte’s Web
Chronicles of Narnia
Prince Caspian

Answer by xxRaNdOmBaBeZo9xx
-Alvin and the chipmunks
-Charlotte’s Webb
-Hannah Montana episodes (D.V.D)
-Charlie and the chocolate factory
-High school musical 1,2 and 3
-Camp rock
-Narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe
-The bee movie
-over the hedge
-Another Cinderella story (P.G)
-Kong FU panda
-Finding nemo
-Shrek 1,2 and 3
-Scooby doo 1 and 2
-The simpsons movie (P.G)
-Chicken run
-Spiderwick Chronicles (P.G)
-Bratz the movie
-Monsters inc
-Racing stripes

Or if your aloud to take her out why don’t you treat her going to the cinemas.Here are some good films you could watch.
-Hannah Montana the movie
-17 again
-Coraline 3d
-monsters v.s aliens
-Marley and me
-Beverly hills Chihuahua

(These films are out/coming out in the u.k so if you live in the u.s.a or anywhere else they might be out on d.v.d but if not then you could always let her watch them)

Other ideas you could do with her:
-Take her ice-staking
-Buy some crafts to do with her
-Take her swimming
-Take her to local park (if there is one)
-Just let her play games on the computer
-put Disney channel on for her (or any other channels she likes but suitable maybe ask her mum what she can watch and what she can’t)

Here are some websites she can go on

but on the websites get permission of her parents depending on what she goes on 🙂
Hope everyone has fun =]
Hope i helped xx

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