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Posted in Working Mothers on 6th July 2013

Is Mother Nature a discriminatory bigot is not the same for the creation of all people?
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Answer by True Brit
I think they did. It is created the man himself, the prejudices and bigotry. , They do not really give

response from perihelion
No af * q what you nennen.Haben you have not noticed?

answer of Peter
“different” not equal.

equate response from feminists love Captain Caveman
I’m sure it’s sexism to say, “Mother Nature” … Oh wait, I forget his “sexism is not, if it sounds good for women – only if it is good for men’s sexism 😉

Reply fubar210 Uh oh
that is not politically korrekt.Sie ​​is racist, as most Africans / African-Americans can build muscle and run faster then whites?

Reply Benino Yes
come. ” mother “nature distinguishes between those who will survive and those who do not.” mother “could nature is hard and callous to individuals and even entire galaxies. A whole galaxy of billions of species into a black hole and” mother “nature would hardly remark sucked werden.Natur and life are not fair, but we can help our small part of it to work as fairly as possible. To use “Life is not fair” as an excuse all the time, even if it not fair, but things will spiral downward. We must work, because as we all know, evil only succeeds when good men do nothing.

answer by Lt. Obvious
call Mother Nature Name Will Not Stop The Next Earth Quakees has ago

answer, of Jebus try
ya, how dare they think me so create

Reply by Miss Theo
is safe! Gotta love her

Reply xdesuehtx
Nope., it is only the people who are discriminatory fanatics, because everyone is not the same as they are.

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