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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st December 2010

Minimizing Working Mothers? Sacrifices: The Power of Making Money Online

Before the start of WWII, women traditionally didn’t work outside the home. But, once the U.S. entered WWII, the government realized they needed a larger workforce to build supplies needed to fight the war. Since a large number of our country’s men were over seas serving in the war, the U.S. government began a campaign to recruit women into the work force.

Over the decades, more and more women have gone to work; some out of necessity and others out of a need to do for themselves without being dependent on a man for their needs and wants. But, the same women who now work in all types of jobs and professions are the same women who are, and who want to be, mothers. Because of this duality, many women are forced to make sacrifices that affect areas of their professional and personal lives.

They often have to choose between spending time with their children, or making the money they need to pay the bills. And because the bills have to get paid, this sometimes means working mothers miss out on important events in their children’s lives like sports games and school performances. And, when mothers have to be home with their children due to an illness, or for any of the other reasons that keep mothers home with their children, working mothers sacrifice the money they’d make that day; putting a financial strain on the family.

It’s because of these major sacrifices that many women today are choosing to work from home; making money on the internet. Working from home and making money on the internet allows working mothers the freedom to not have to make so many sacrifices. Making money on the internet allows them to be home with their children at all times, while earning the money needed to support their families.

As technology continues to advance, making money on the internet becomes easier and easier. The profitable opportunities for a home business that’s run entirely from a virtual office on the internet are limitless. There are tons of people making money on the internet through online auctions, creating websites for people, helping businesses market their products and services, and many more.

If a woman wants, or needs, to work while raising a family, making money on the internet is definitely high on the list of ways to earn a living. This isn’t to say that making money on the internet will totally eliminate the sacrifices working mothers have to make because it won’t. Making money on the internet from the comfort of one’s own home has its definite advantages, but it’s a job like any other job and the work has to get done if the money is going to be made.

What making money on the internet does do is offer working mothers the ability to be in control of when they work and for how long. If a child has a baseball game on Saturday and the mother wants to go, she can put in a few extra hours making money on the internet on Friday night and not have to worry on Saturday morning aboutasking her boss for permission to leave work a few hours early.

Or, if a child wakes up in the morning and is too ill to go to school, the working mother who’s making money on the internet can sped a couple hours taking the child to the doctor and making him comfortable so he can get the rest he needs. Then she can work while he’s resting while still being completely available to tend to his needs all throughout the day.

Because women are the only means of birthing children, there will always be sacrifices they have to make if they want to be a mother and want, or need, to make a living of their own. But, the minimization of those sacrifices is a definite plus that should encourage working mothers to look into all the options when it comes to making money on the internet.


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