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Posted in Child Support on 19th April 2011

Men…how many of you stay married to avoid paying child support?
My brother had a child with his girlfriend, but wasn’t ready to have a child and was also ready to dump her at the time (age 20). Now it’s been 10 years and they have two kids. My brother used to be the happiest, funnest guy around and he’s become increasingly gloomy and seemingly unhappy. He recently been going “up north” on an frequent basis by himself without the family. I’ve heard him make comments that he will “sit in jail before he’d pay child support” but he’s a hard working, responsible man. It’s out of character for him to say something like that. I think he’s terribly unhappy and I also think he feels hopeless and trapped. Any possible ideas on how I can tell him that he doesn’t have to live like this??

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Answer by idontkno

Answer by blonddoctor
You are STUPID! This is a STUPID question! Any questions?

Answer by Sicilian4life.Italy # 1
not me im married and pay alot of child support still with my ex.

Answer by Bill P
I know several guys that are staing married and unhappy so they won’t have to pay

Answer by wfgrg
if he was miserable with her with the first child …. why in the world did he have a second????????????????????????? if he doesn’t want to pay child support (which I am sorry is NO excuse), then he should seek custody of the children . . . .

Answer by sanjay
What you want to say whether he is right or wrong, its a human tendency of scaring responsibilities. but the perfect man would be who takes responsibility

Answer by icucanbfree
I would tell my brother that he is making a mistake for living like that and that he would be more happy with less money and a life if he went ahead divorced. If he is acting out of character then there may be something else going on in his life like drugs or another woman, something is causing this. Give him the opportunity to talk to you about this, bring up this type of conversation about someone and see if he opens up, don’t push him. Good luck.

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