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Posted in Toddlers on 24th November 2010

Mei Tai carrier for 4 month old ?
I have a mei tai carrier and was able to use it when my baby was younger but now either carry offered in the instruction book does not work. The newborn “froggy” style with her legs tucked in doesn’t work because her feet end up at her head and the “toddler” carry doesn’t work because her crotch isn’t wide enough and the seat part ends up cutting up her legs and cutting off the circulation. Any ideas for ways to use it for a 4 month old, she is about 13 pounds?

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Answer by mommy-0
I used my mei tai carrier almost since birth. Their are alot of great videos on You tube. just put in mei tai in the search. Or google Mei tai wearing instructions. I liked my daughter on the front at that age, she is six months now, and i wear her on my back. THese videos are very helpful. Lots of ways to wear it, so do check a few sites. Good luck

Answer by silly nilly
i read about those yesterday and the instructions i read suggested it’s use in a 6 month or older. have you looked into the slings? i am planning on making some next week for my coming baby, they are pretty easy to make if you are even at beginner level on a sewing machine. i found the patterns for the ones i am making at www.mothersmilk.com.

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