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Posted in Babysitting on 31st January 2011

Making Money–teen girl?
I need to make some money! I know, “babysitting” just popped into your head, but I’m moving to a new state this summer, and that’s just not for me. So what are some other ways to make a quick buck here and there?

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Answer by Paige
Mowing lawns is a very good idea.

Answer by hannah_41198
well what i do is ask my parents things i can do to help around the house for money u can take out the trash wash dishes vacumn ur house sweep the floor um.. clean the whole house for ten bucks stuff like that hope i helped!!

Answer by *~Christen~*
inboxdollars.com will give you a little extra money. I go $ 30 and $ 50 from them just by doing surveys and stuff. It is totally legit. I cashed a check from them this morning.

http://www.inboxdollars.com and the referral name is cookiejar.

Answer by MissJessxo
If you like animals, you could walk dogs.
Also mowing lawns. (shoveling snow in the winter)
good luckk. =]

Answer by danisorano
Go to cash crate.com/561896 and sign up for free. There you can earn money by filling out free surveys and offers. You can make a lot of money from home.

Answer by kelliontiveros
you can buy an established website and earn %100 profit from each sale, why work for someone else when you can own your own business go to http://www.creativetree.org

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