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Posted in Babysitting on 17th January 2011

Make money at 13?
This is usualy a easy question answered by
“allowance” “babysitting” “yardwork”
“petsitting” but not for me unfortuanatley. My parents are having financial troubles so no luck for allowance and i live in a neighborhood full of seniors so no babysitting. Also tagging along with seniors they all either have yard workers or grandkids to do there yards for them and petsit for them.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Rob
umm…go into town and get a job at Mickey D’s

Answer by lexiky
What about a paper route. You know delivering newspapers.

Answer by yaya
sell extra stuff you dont use anymore, on sites like Ebay, or craigslist.com..you could make some good money if you work for it

Answer by Robert B
Senior citizens need friends, they need company! Design a type of senior club or hangout. Ask your parents if they can rent a place where they can have bingo night and stuff. Charge for food, drinks, and games, and you will be the talk of this elderly community.

Answer by Cece
when you turn 14 some place like burger king will help you
or if you really smart tutor kids or younger kids if youre not so smart

Answer by Bree W
put an ad in the newspaper someone will bound to help you earn money and u help them you could also get a job if u can cause in some states u can at the age of 13

Answer by billingspets
you can actualy sale avon, if your parents sign permission. Its only $ 10 to get all your supplies, good luck.

Answer by Scarlett Drawers
Make up a resume. find out how old places will hire – and apply at everywhere that could possibly hire you.

Answer by spacehaven
yeah im 14 and when i was 12 i sold tea. but its november soo… why not try to make up your own petsitting thing. if you get fliers and stuf the its proably gbetter than ringig the doorbell and asking up front to watch their cat

Answer by Ruthless Til My Casket Close
-Sell some of your old things [clothes, video games, toys, etc.]
-Save pennies, roll them, go to the store & exchange them for loonies, toonies, etc.
-Apply at Mc Donalds, if they are despirate they WILL hire a 13 year old.

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