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Posted in Working Mothers on 1st January 2011

Love the fetus, hate the child…?
I just read this answer on a question about the eternal nature of the soul:

How do you know you didn’t exist? African’s are like the blacks here; they are their own worst enemy. They’re starving, yet drop offspring like old people drop turds.

Now… I wonder if this person is pro-choice. If this person believes the morning-after pill should be made available to all. If this person has supported planned parenthood in their efforts to make birth control available to all.

Why does “Christian” America think it is alright to force a woman to give birth to a child she doesn’t want and then do nothing to help her raise the child? They whine about welfare and “these people” who “keep having children” and then they whine when the mothers “neglect” them because they have to work two jobs for $ 7 an hour and pay the sitter $ 5 an hour and then the kids grow up without their mother around and they commit crimes and “Christian America” clamours for tougher sentences and the death penalty.
Dog sneeze, I do see where you’re going, but I’m not advocating forcing anyone to utilize these things – just that they should have the option should they choose. Planned Parenthood gives birth control counciling to those who want it.
Judy, intelligence is quite arbitrary. would you punish someone for not having a limb? Of course not. Yet you would punish them for being born with mental abilities that don’t live up to your expectation? And education… often good eduaction would require us allowing our tax dollars to help communities that we may not be a part of. I have no problem with that, but many people do. Again, we punish someone for living in a poor community where the schools are not up to par.

Not to mention all of those people who oppose sexual education.

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Answer by Phoenix, Shadeslayer
Prevention is a wonderful thing.

Answer by Evan S
Because something about crushing a baby’s skull and suctioning out her brain just doesn’t sound moral to me.

Not to mention a baby is a blessing from God. A “fetus” as liberals like to call them, looks, acts, and feels pain the same way IN the womb as OUT of the womb. A baby is a baby.

Answer by dog sneeze penguin pride
You make a frighting parallel between planned parenthood and eugenics.

Answer by The World We Know
I believe in the power of motherhood. I’ve known a number of young ladies in my life that have had abortions – they are all mothers now and love their children. Motherhood changes almost all women.

Now, that doesn’t mean that those women will be good mothers, or that there aren’t a small number of mothers who detest their children. However, I think that all children deserve a chance. They may have the worst of circumstances growing up – but they can all achieve great things. Numerous examples of children born in poverty but rising to greatness exist in history.

My belief is this – why can’t these living beings be given a chance? If the reason is selfishness…I think that’s an incredibly inhumane argument.

By the way, I’m part of “Christian America,” I suppose, but I don’t clamor for the death penalty. Don’t confuse the word “Christian” with the phrase “religious right.”

Answer by judy bo-booty
Hmmm. Not sure what you’re asking here. But I, personally, am inclined to support the woman who is intelligent enough to know the ‘consequences’ of sex, have the child, work hard to support it rather than the person who has sex without understanding the possible end results, not being properly educated or responsible enough to protect against an unwanted pregnancy & then kills their own flesh & blood so that they can continue being selfish until they are ready.

That’s just me though.

Answer by Debra M
I love children pre born and after birth. I am a Christian and personally I would help anyone I can to raise their child. As a matter of fact I have and I do.I believe we would be better off spending more money assisting mothers to be home with their children instead of using that same money later to support those adults in prison.

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