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Posted in Toddlers on 9th April 2013

Lost my daughters birth cert. and social?
I lost my daughters birth certificate and social security card. “She’s still a baby.” Long story, but as I can about new, etc. go? Thanks for any help Best Answer (s):

response from White Boy 8908
your screwed

response from Big K Contact
County Courthouse, where she was born and once you get the new then contact the social security office and they will send you a new card with their number.

response from justabitbitter147 start
to the social security office. they have everything you need to know. btw do not take the baby out their worse than the emd.

response from Chris
court house in the county it was boring … or office of vital records … and social secruity office

Answer by Ashley D
I’m not sure about the social security card, but you should contact the hospital where you gave birth to, and they can be able to help you. A copy of birth certificate Otherwise, you must request a copy from the state. For http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/w2w.htm to find out the process in your state.

response from Jeff
look. Your vital records office in your state you can get a new birth certificate. pay a fee of course. should do the same with social security card. google important documents with your state

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