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Posted in Child Support on 15th February 2012

Looking for Child Support Adjustments

Article by Justin DiMateo

Child support adjustments may be sought for a few reasons. The most common incident that triggers the paying party to seek an adjustment is usually the loss of employment. States have different laws governing child support and who is eligible for an adjustment, so speaking with an experienced attorney in the area is encouraged to learn more about state-specific laws. Family lawyers are often very experienced consulting clients regarding child support and custody issues so this is often the best resource.

Upon losing one’s job, among the most pressing matters is paying child support because that responsibility does not go away. It’s not a cable service or other luxury that can be canceled with a single phone call. Child support is court ordered, therefore, any child support adjustments will have to be ordered by the court as well. Reducing payments after losing one’s job is not impossible, but it is important that the paying party informs the court of their situation as soon as possible.

Most states require that the party seeking the adjustment make a good faith effort to find a new job. How one proves that they are making the effort may vary from state to state, so this is something that should be discussed with a family law attorney. Filing for a temporary child support adjustment right away and filing for unemployment are usually two of the first three steps individuals responsible for paying child support make once they lose their job, the other being consultation with an attorney.

In some cases, child support payments may be temporarily suspended, but it is rare that the responsibility is thrown out completely. Many people have heard or read stories of others having their driver’s license taken away or of messy court battles regarding child support; the best way to avoid this scenario is to take immediate action.

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