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Posted in Toddlers on 24th May 2011

Let your Toddler Know you are the Boss

As your toddler grows and explores newer activities, you will find it necessary to teach your toddler to accept your authority when you communicate it to him. Let your toddler know you are the boss. The trick to disciplining your toddler is to be firm, yet gentle. Remember, you are doing it for your toddler’s good.

Here are some tips to help you discipline your toddler in a positive way without being harsh or cruel:

• Give clear directives: Leave no room for miscommunication while giving instructions to your toddler.

• Be practical: Have naturalistic expectations from your toddler. Find out what is normal behavior for a toddler and set expectations that your toddler can achieve with disciplined behavior.

• Find out what clicks for your toddler: If you know what is precious to your toddler, you can easily motivate him or her to follow your commands.

• Be committed: Stick by your words no matter what. If you are not consistent and or give in too easily, chances are your toddler will not take you seriously.

• Practice what you preach: You should do this as often as it is possible. If your toddler observes you doing something that you defined as being incorrect, your toddler will not understand why there are different rules for you. For example, try to use “please” and “thank you” yourself while teaching your child. You may even give your toddler the chance to correct you if you aren’t following the rules you’ve agreed on.

• Understand the mental level of your toddler: You need to explain to your toddler the consequences of undisciplined behavior in a manner comprehensible to your toddler.

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