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Posted in Child Support on 30th July 2011

Learn How To Increase The Amount Of Child Support You Receive

Divorce is not an easy thing. Especially if you have children and are reliant on the ex-spouse for child support.If making ends meet for you and your child or children has become more difficult did you know that you can request that a judge review your child support payment once a year. If your ex has gotten a raise, or child’s education and cost of living has increase4d you may be eligible for an increase.

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But do keep in mind that if your ex has lost their job or has had a salary decrease and you have asked for an adjustment your child support could possibly go down. In this article I will give you some suggestions what you should do before you go to a judge to ask for modification to your child support.

How to: Get Support Help

First, I suggest you obtain a copy of your state’s child support schedule. Usually this is available online, but if not you can request a copy of the child support payment schedule from your local courthouse.

Secondly, it is essential that you gather all your records from the previous year that may reflect why it has become more difficult for you to maintain support for your child. A raise in education cost, higher medical bills, increased mortgage or rent payments. Include pay stubs reflecting that you may have had a cut in wages per hour or a cut in work hours or worse you may have lost your job.

Third, you will want to obtain a form to modify your child support. You may be able to download one, if you can’t you should be able to pick one up at your local courthouse. If one is not available you can create your own form just include all of the above information.

Fourth, fill out the form and attach all of the records you have compiled to substantiate your request for an increase. Make sure you have attached at least 12 months worth of financial records. Before submitting anything make sure you have made copies of everything for you to keep yourself.

Fifth, you will file your original completed form in the court where your original child support order was filed. The fee for filing is usually somewhere between and depending where you live.

Sixth, make sure your ex-spouse receives a copy of your request. If you send the copy by mail make sure you send it registered certified mail with a signature request. It is very important that you keep your green receipt. This will be proof that you mailed it to them.

Lastly, after the date for the hearing is set make sure you attend it. Come prepared with all of your documents. After both sides present their case the judge will make a decision. You may get the increase you are asking for or you may not, be prepared but to keep in mind that you can always ask again next year.

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