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Posted in Babysitting on 22nd February 2011

Lazy eye????
How dangerous is this, and what exactly does it entail? How good and normal looking are the results and does it make the eyes?

I’m in early twenties. I had crossed eyes as a baby, got surgery and eyes patches at age one or two, tops. It fixed the crossed part, and aligned them well ENOUGH so they look straight ahead together. But ANY other direction, and they become crooked, and don’t look in the SAME direction, ie don’t work together.

And they appear not to move unless I look left or right. But just looking straight my eyes just “sit” there…

I’m sooo self conscious about it and can’t barely look people in the eye. I feel like I have good qualifications for jobs but they don’t hire me in good positions due to my eyes and how it makes me self conscious.

Just wondering how well the surgery will correct this? Will my eyes move together well after surgery and look normal?

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Answer by Josh Z
Depends on the doctor, hospital and type of surgery

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