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Posted in Babysitting on 5th April 2014

Ladies what is the strangest?
pickup line you ever heard?

This is what Mama Bear got yesterday: ” Now I’ll be available in 7 years. My kids will be grown and I can leave then.”

Best answer(s):

Answer by Elle
“Nice shoes. Let’s f*ck”

Answer by Sl Hemmings
It made Mama Bear sit up and pay attention, didn’t it?

Answer by T-1000 FEMBOT
good question.
I was once told: “you look as pretty as my momma, and just as doable.”

another one: Are you my cousin?

Answer by Nice can!
I don’t know if it was so much of a pickup line but one time I was riding in a car with a guy I had been friends with for years & he suddenly drove the car into a snowbank & said, “I have the hots for you.”

Ummmmm, thanks for the whiplash. I think I’ll walk home from here.

There was also the one time that an old man came up to me & said I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen because he was guessing that I wasn’t wearing underwear. It was like -30F out & I had on a carhartt winter coat, a sweatshirt, jeans & my heavy boots.

Answer by Aurelia
Haven’t we had mad, drunken sex before? No? We really should.

Answer by Poopypuss4
I’ve tried “You have such beautiful blond hair, why did you dye the roots black”…

It’s my most unsuccessful line.


Where’s Crumb?
Schmecky was actually funny!

Answer by Beauregard Smythington-Schmeckyfordshire
From a woman, I once got: “play your cards right and you’ll probably get lucky tonight.”

From me, she got: “but you aren’t playing with a full deck.”

Answer by **** ***, love a CANTHEIST
first heard at 19, working at a bar:

Guy wipes mouth area with back of hand: “Hey baby, I cleared a spot for you to sit”

So classy…and hearing it 27 times a shift for 4 years kept is sooo fresh & new…

Answer by ʞɔnɟ you Yahoo
The oddest one I think was “Would you like to try some jerked beef”? I said “No thanks, I have my own at home”. To which he said, “oh, um, er, I mean, would you like to try my homemade beef jerky”?

Answer by ‘lyssa
haha I remember when my husband and I first met and he asked what my name was. I didn’t like him at all but found myself saying ‘lyssa’ and he went ‘oh, I always thought that’s what my dream girl would be called’ and I was like o.O lol

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