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Posted in Child Care on 21st February 2011

Ladies are you tired of the “gotta get as many pregnant women as i can excuse?
Every time a man is asked , why is their gender so obsessed with sex , they go for the ” Oh its in my genes to get as many women pregnant as i can ” and i say BULLS*hit!!! for a very obvious and simple reason . When men want sex IS NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN , unless they are married and planning so . But the majority of men just have sex , and make sure his wearing a condom so thAT ALL that can happen during sex is SATISFACTION WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED! so for that reason their “genes ” excuse is totally invalid ! you may as well get a new one , or just accept that you guys are in the game for purely selfish reasons unless you really care for your girl , but “caring” is a strange word nowadays so i doubt so! what do you think of this situation ?
Of course you have never heard them saying this kind of stuff , its because they just love to talk like pigs with their friends and when females are not around ! common sense!
Braun , i really think you have been hitting on club women way too much!

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Answer by Jen D
Honestly, I’ve never heard a man make such a statement. Perhaps you should associate with a different group of people.

Edit: Obviously I know the “theory” exists, as I’ve read refutations in journals, comparative religion textbook explanations of Mormonism, and heard entire stand up routines based on such twaddle. Yet I have not, IRL, heard an individual say something so patently ridiculous.

Answer by Big Sky 23
Actually, the “gotta get as many pregnant women as i can” explanation is fairly accurate and quite valid.

Ask any evolutionary biologist you like.

Answer by J.
Um… it’s an *evolved* urge – so it doesn’t “know” about condoms. It’s not an excuse, granted, but for reasons different to this.

Answer by Margaret S
Chimpanzies mate constantly with different partners. But that is their socialization. God, forbid that we compare ourselves to other animals that do not fit the profile that men want, or that we suggest the evolution theory.

Answer by Lyanthya
Jen, I have heard that excuse. The theory goes that waaaay back in hunter/gatherer days, propagation of the species was imperative, and thus men were “programmed” to impregnate as many women as possible. Unfortunately, under closer scrutiny, this theory doesn’t hold true. If men were truly programmed to produce as many offspring as they could, almost all of these offspring would die because one man could not protect and care for numerous women and children. Human children were not like other young animals–they are pretty freaking helpless until they are in their mid teens. Thus they needed the near-constant attention of caregivers to survive. This would not be available if a man had numerous children by numerous women.

These days, there is much more social support available, so a single mother CAN raise a child without the help of the father. Not so back then.

It’s just an excuse, and a flimsy one at that.

Answer by 666666z
They want the fun without the responsibility. They’re discovering that female animals are naturally far more promiscuous than once thought as well. They believe to insure good genes. But men wouldn’t want women to use that excuse.

Answer by hero_of_da_house
that’s stupid. there’s a long list of “biology made me do it” type excuses that people use and while i do understand the basis behind them(microbiology major), i don’t think they are valid excuses. everyone has insticts, doesn’t mean you have to act on them.

here are some others….

– men peak at 16 and women at 36 so it’s logical for older women to have teenage sexual partners(probably the worst out of all of them)

– women are wired to be picky on a man’s appearance and only go for the hottest guys while men are wired to not be picky at all

– women are wired to seek a man with resources to raise her children but a man who is sexually attractive to produce offspring with(in other words, marry money, then cheat with the hot stud)

EDIT: 666666z, female ANIMALS, not humans. same applies to men. since when are we supposed to follow our natural animal insticts? animals also eat each other, should we start doing that?

Answer by Braun
I’m not obsessed with sex at all. I’m obsessed with success>> Personal integrity. Social success. When men think about women, what exactly are we supposed to get excited about? — ‘ Man, I can’t wait to get down to the beach bar, wow those ladies in there sure know their politics!’. Or, ‘ Man, those girls sure can play some basketball, huh!’. Or, ‘Wow, look at that lady driving that Benz! I bet she’s like a powerful CEO or something, huh!’.

What are you gonna do, help me fix my car? You gonna lift weights with me? Hold the pads with I box? Be my wing when I look for chicks? Pull an allnighter on Physics2? Bring over your stock portfolio and discuss the Yahoo/Msn debacle? Debate if Lebron or Kobe is better?

What exactly do you women do besides sex? I mean when we think about “women” what else should be first to come to mind besides sex? And furthermore, how are men to blame because you don’t offer much else besides sex? That’s not my fault. That’d be great if you could talk politics, or hit a fadeaway, or rip a guitar. But the reality is, women are GREAT at sex, sub par in everything else. Boo hoo 4 u.

Answer by onelove198011
Women are as much into sex solely for the enjoyment as men are. The only difference is women get emotionally attached to the man and like to be in a relationship. But some men, not all, are just in it for the sex. So if you don’t want to be with men like this, then be more selective about the men you sleep with. There’s nothing wrong with have sex just for the sex. It’s fun!

Answer by Capone
I have never heard that reason before, not to say it hasn’t been said. When it comes to sex, we are selfish, it’s in our genes.

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