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Posted in Child Care on 20th May 2011

Just got a magazine in the mail called “Clearly Caring”?
I’m 23, due on June 8th and getting more excited to meet my little girl every day. Here’s the catch, the father (whom I dated for 5 months) left when he found out I wanted to parent our child. Since then, his parents have made it very clear that adoption is the “right” and most self-less thing to do. I just got a large envelope full of “helpful” adoption info from them, one of the items was a Christian based adoption magazine called Clearly Caring, anyone heard of it? Is it one of those overtly pushy agencies or is this really just a “helpful” resource from some interest-invested parents?
I do want to note that I do NOT intend on relinquishing my little girl, I just am curious on the magazines background, hoping I can get some insight into his parent’s motives.

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Answer by sunny

Call the magazine, and tell them you don’t want anymore issues, or just write ‘return to sender’ on the envelope, and throw it in the mail.

His parents are wrong–you are RIGHT.

Here are some sites you might want to check out, and tell your child’s grandparents about:

Also, a good book about mother child separation, The Primal Wound by Nancy Verrier.

Answer by Heather H
I don’t know anything about the magazine but if you have no intention of giving your newborn to strangers, bin it!

They are affiliated with
http://www.homeformothers.com/?About.php Who in turn are affiliated with Bethany – an adoption pushing ‘service for mothers’

Good for you for standing up for what you want to do and not giving in to the strong pressure of the Adoption pushers. Me thinks they are worried about having to pay child support, that is so sad – after all, we are talking about their grandchild here!

Best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancy, and I’m so sorry the baby’s father and his family are so lacking in the taking responsibility and support department

Answer by CassAnn
I dont believe his parents have self-less motives themselves. They are simply trying to eliminate what they see as a problem for HIM. It takes two to tango, it concerns ONLY you and him, and it is really none of their business what you decide to do. My husband was forced to deal with a similar problem, except in reverse. His girlfriend moved to Canada, gave birth, placed the baby for adoption, and never told him she was pregnant. He found out when the child tracked him down years later! He never had any choice in the matter. Fortunately now he has the opportunity to know his son and grandchildren. If you want to raise your child, stick with your guns. I wouldnt even bother contacting an adoption agency unless I was sure it was something I wanted to consider.

Answer by Nucking Futs
TOSS IT! The only thing this magazine is going to help with is screwing up your head. I just went and looked at back issues… red lights started blinking in my head! Coercion, coercion, coercion.


Answer by snowwillow20
Tell your boyfriends parents to go to hell.

Answer by Ghost Writer Rides Again
Glad to hear you are not going to cave to their pressure. Any adoption organization that is religiously based is pushy and coersive. They do not believe that single/young mothers should be allowed to attempt to raise their children. They go into the whole propaganda of how its more beneficial for the child to have a two parent household. My advice, shred that crap, stuff it into an envelope and send it to your ex’s parents with a note that states: Hope you enjoy your son losing half his paycheck for child support, because the courthouse is my next stop. All they are doing is protecting him from paying for a child he does not want. Enabling his irresponsible behavior. Maybe you should also look into any ex’s he might have. Hard to say, but his family may have influenced another ex of his to relinquish a child.

Answer by Torrejon
Why not return the favor by downloading some pamphlets from www.bastardnation.com and sending them to the father and his parents?

Answer by tish
it sounds to me that someone is not letting their son grow up!

this observation is evidenced by how “well” they taught him to deal with his issues (eg. “he left me when he found out.).

he’s a tool. and his parents have no place in this discourse nor your family planning decision.

as for “clearly caring,” they sound like many of the agencies which purport that “adoption is a loving choice” by bible-whipping unmarried pregnant women into giving up their kids as a means of religious and social redemption. oh…i forgot, the $ 20K+ profit for the agency if a healthy (usually white) newborn is placed is primarily their motive.

personally, i’d use the magazine to line my cat’s litter-box, or a bird cage.

oh, perhaps you might wish to find the link to your state’s child enforcement agency and sent “grandmom and grandpa” a copy of father’s financical obligations to the children they spawn!

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