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Posted in Working Mothers on 7th February 2014

It’s been a while. How is this one: “Grandma”
Grandma “Hold my hand love,” they always say how we dared “the road überqueren.Dann in my hand placed ungraspedEin packed lunch for me to eat.But not today, oh no, not now-” I’m going completely on my own to Go. “But why do they have seen so awf’lly sad? I skipped along like a Stein.Als I sat there in the school that day, I smiled and shone full Stolz.Dann they gave me lunch, I had had it linksOma inside gebracht.Hier I am past 20 years, I have been through my own geworden.Dann I got a call from the mother “grandmother had a stroke at home.” I saw in my grandma’s bedroom bargedUnd all their loved ones worn da.Ihr face and glazed over eyes spoke sadness and lack Sorgfalt.Beißen hard on the gushing tears, For comfort I held her Hand.Der look of sadness in her AugenIst one thing I can never widerstehen.Swoosh-“She had” to excuse. Best Answer (s):

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Aww I loved it .. sorry if I’m wrong, but there is a typo or just a grammar topic. in the first set, I would think it would say they would not, it is .. That’s just me, I could be wrong though sein.Aber I think his Otherwize a really nice / sad poem

Reply Neonman
I like. Meters although needs to work. Stanza 4 lines 3 and 4 do not read and I thought they should. Overall, well done.

damn this is a really amazing poem I’m sorry for the loss, I hope you get through it with strengh and stay strong: (

Answer by jan d
I like it and it’s a bit sad, as well, but good gemachtGod Bless

Answer by Jeff L
The few minor glitches I noticed were already pointed out. If you revise it, you have a perfect gem of a poem. A beautiful sentiment, expressed eloquently. May her life continue in your heart, and in art .

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