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Posted in Toddlers on 7th December 2010

Isn’t he a little too old?
My mom think’s I shut and lock my door way too much.
Just now, I swear I started writing this right after it happened.

My brother just walks right into my room.( My door is open.)
He doesn’t knock and he proceeds to loudly ask me in a exaggerated southern accent, let me mention he is sick and stopped up sounding as well but he ask me if his shirt looks too small.
I asked, “Do you bother to knock?”
“No, I don’t have to.”(with horrible accent)
I told him to leave.
He asked me again about his shirt.
I told him I didn’t care.

Now, you may think I was being rude but he could care less about his shirt, he has a friend over and wants to act like a shithead and get some ego boosting points.

He wouldn’t leave so I screamed “Mom, he is acting like a toddler.”
And then he got all pissy and was like did I really deserve that?

He did that crap when he was younger and I think he is way too old now(14) to be doing that. I think he should have more respect and should knock and if he wants a serious answer then he needs to not come in being annoying.

Don’t you think is too old?
Don’t you think he should have more respect?
I am 19. I should be able to lock my door whenever.
Or my mom could not be so unreasonable and controlling…they really are horrible traits.

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Answer by LuvGHDSx
Yes your right he should have respect at 14( im 14 ) and defiantly should of knocked but he may just be showing off in front of his friend.
Just carry on doing what your doing and if i was you i would of said that to him.
Brothers will be brothers.

When his friend has gone i would say ” Uhh exuse me knock when you come in, and have respect, you are 14 ” or ask your mom to ask a word with him.

Email me if you want and hope i helped =)

Answer by helper helping the helpless
yes i do think he should have more respect i have the same problem

Answer by myluv115
I think the bigger problem is your privacy. Your mom doesn’t like you locking the door because she probably thinks if you are locking your door you are hiding something or doing something you shouldn’t be. So if you want to lock your door, explain to her that your brother has no respect for your space and that is why you like to lock your door. Make sure she understands that you are fine and it’s just sibling rivalry that’s causing you to want to shut out your family (ie locking your door often). Best of luck!

Answer by Glenna
He’s a 14 year old boy. He’ll be acting like this for a LONG time. I know 20-something men who still act like toddlers. Hell, I know 40-something year old men that still act like toddlers. When it comes to showing off for their friends or for a girl, they never truly grow up.

As for the respect thing, yes, he should show a bit more respect. In this situation though, he was just being annoying, not necessarily disrespectful. If your door was open, then that most likely means you weren’t doing anything that required permission to enter. I can’t recall how many times me and my siblings would just casually stand in the doorway and ask each other questions when the door was open. Closed door means knock and wait for a reply. Open door means come on in. That’s how it was in our house.

I think you, your mom and your brother need to sit down together. Perhaps a reevaluation of the rules of the house would be fair. You can shut your door for privacy, but there’s no need to lock it (parents assume you are hiding something). Your brother needs to respect the fact that if your door is closed, he should knock and wait for a reply before entering.

*lol If you are 19 and want to be able to close and lock your door whenever you want, then you can move out and get your own place. While living under someone else’s roof though, you obey their rules. Its really as simple as that.

Answer by Geo
Your brother was acting immature. He definitely should have more respect, and should knock

Answer by SFK
You’re 19 and need permission to lock your door?
Also, you’re 19 and still going “Mommmmmmmm, he’s bugging me!”?

Just lock your door. Problem solved.

Answer by fireflare2
First of all i would talk to your mum, tell her you need your privacy and that you want her to respect that. Tell her your not doing it to ignore people or hide something, your just growing up!
Your brother should have more respect and at 14 its about time he grew up.

Answer by Shawn F
just tell her youll stop locking it when people start respecting your space

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