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Is this woman the primary reason why women should not be in the Military? THE MILITARY DOES NOT ISSUE KIDS?
I hated it when I was in the Military and all the women it seemed always got pregnant, because we would always be shorthanded.


SAVANNAH, Ga. – An Army cook and single mom may face criminal charges after she skipped her deployment flight to Afghanistan because, she said, no one was available to care for her infant son while she was overseas.
Spc. Alexis Hutchinson, 21, claims she had no choice but to refuse deployment orders because the only family she had to care for her 10-month-old son — her mother — was overwhelmed by the task, already caring for three other relatives with health problems.
Her civilian attorney, Rai Sue Sussman, said Monday that one of Hutchinson’s superiors told her she would have to deploy anyway and place the child in foster care.
“For her it was like, ‘I couldn’t abandon my child,'” Sussman said. “She was really afraid of what would happen, that if she showed up they would send her to Afghanistan anyway and put her son with child protective services.”
Hutchinson, who is from Oakland, Calif., remained confined Monday to the boundaries of Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, 10 days after military police arrested her for skipping her unit’s flight. No charges have been filed, but a spokesman for the Army post said commanders were investigating.
Kevin Larson, a spokesman for Hunter Army Airfield, said he didn’t know what Hutchinson was told by her commanders, but he said the Army would not deploy a single parent who had nobody to care for his or her child.
“I don’t know what transpired and the investigation will get to the bottom of it,” Larson said. “If she would have come to the deployment terminal with her child, there’s no question she would not have been deployed.”
Hutchinson’s son, Kamani, was placed into custody overnight with a daycare provider on the Army post after she was arrested and jailed briefly, Larson said. Hutchinson’s mother picked up the child a week ago and took him back to her home in California.
Hutchinson, who’s assigned to the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division, joined the Army in 2007 and had no previous deployments, Sussman said. She said Hutchinson is no longer in a relationship with the father.
The Army requires all single-parent soldiers to submit a care plan for dependent children before they can deploy to a combat zone.
Hutchinson had such a plan — her mother, Angelique Hughes, had agreed to care for the boy. Hughes said Monday she kept the boy for about two weeks in October before deciding she couldn’t keep him for a full year.
Hughes said she’s already having to care for her ailing mother and sister, as well as a daughter with special needs. She also runs a daycare center at her home, keeping about 14 children during the day.
“This is an infant, and they require 24-hour care,” Hughes said. “It was very, very stressful, just too much for me to deal with.”
Hughes said she returned Kamani to his mother in Georgia a few days before her scheduled deployment Nov. 5.
She said they told her daughter’s commanders they needed more time to find another family member or close friend to help Hughes care for the boy, but Hutchinson was ordered to deploy on schedule.
Larson, the Army post spokesman, said officials planned to keep Hutchinson in Georgia as investigators gathered facts about the case.
“Spc. Hutchinson’s deployment is halted,” Larson said. “There will be no deployment while this situation is ongoing.”
YOU SIGN A CONTRACT! Its your responsibility to fulfill that contract

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Answer by HARRY
If this is what the American armed forces are doing then it is no wonder that so many people refuse to join. This is a case of the upper echelon not caring for its underlings. Senior officers never do care for the o.r’s (ordinary ranks) only that the military rules ore that if you join, irrespective of what your sex is, you WILL go where we send you. That’s ok for single men and women WITHOUT kids but not for women WITH kids. It is not a case of why women should not be in the armed forces at all, women strove for years to get equal rights and this is where it comes into question. Yes send them to the front line but NOT when they have kids to look after and they don’t have anyone to take care of them whilst they perform their duties.

Answer by HoneyBunch
Women have been having children and it has been like that since the beginning of time.To say women shouldn’t be allowed to join is discrimination at its best.There are cases like this at any given deployment time when a single parent cannot find care for their children no matter male or female soldier.Ive had friends put in foster care when their FATHER couldn’t find a caretaker for them when HE was getting deployed.Read the facts from all points before building a solid opinion.

Answer by RoseRed2
I am a Mother of 4 soldiers with children.They had to go on deployment when the time came.Although I do feel badly for this soldier,I feel she is trying to get out of deployment.Her Mom has a daycare but does not have it in her to care for a grandchild?Give me a break,this soldier could afford to pay her Mom dearly to care for this child.The Mom could care for the child and not care for so many other children.This is not fair to others that have had to deploy and leave children behind.She knew when she chose to have a child,that deployment could happen.The soldier just wants to get special treatment in my opinion.

Answer by a person
As a woman, I don’t think it is fair fathers have to go and not mothers. If one gets a break then so should the other. Some fathers are just as good as some mothers. I don’t think they should discriminate against parents but need to have a mutual understanding that one cannot have children before the finish their overseas requirement or they sign up for another type of job from the beginning so others aren’t shorthanded.

Answer by rejectedsoul
no this is not the primary reason women shouldnt be in the service. its one of them

this woman will be kicked out dishonorably. she failed to tell her command of her issue and decided to just skip her flight assuming nothing would happen, this is why stupid people with no common sense shouldnt be allowed to join.

i am willing to bet she got pregnant in the first place to dodge deployment
find the kids father and put him with his dad and send her ass on and have her jailed upon return
she knew deployment was part of the military
dont wanna deploy dont join
personally i think that women should be issued the birth control shot the day the join and forced to continue getting it until the finish their service.

if she gets away with this with no punishment hell will break loose. men with kids still deploy as do other women and so do married men and women with kids
cant change the rule to benefit one douchbag and not the rest.

her mom can care for three relatives and 14 other peoples kids daily but cant care for a 10 month old baby. bull crap. this douche had her mom say that so she wouldnt have to deploy
she will be kicked out dishonorably with nothing and have avery very hard time finding work. not even mcdonalds will hire a service member with a dishonorable discharge
california will be paying this broad welfare soon enough while she lays up and has more kids by more men

angel r
you are a disgrace to the uniform you claim to wear
you need mental help and anger management you a bitter and nasty. go see your command and get treated

if you were truly a soldier you would be angry just as we are.
she missed a movement thats a no no she didnt have a family care plan in place. the second she knew her mother was returning she no longer had a family care plan and knew it and should have been calling her first shirt. if you were really military you would know that. your not your a high school kid living in a fantasy world or a wife who thinks she wears and owns her husbands rank.
do you seriously feel that people with kids shouldnt deploy. are you mental she chose to join chose to spread her legs and not use protection chose to continue in her job instead of get out when it was offered and now a year later when its time to deploy she doesnt.

my husband and many others on his ship deployed leaving pregnant wives and ill families behind. i have a child and my husband had to go. does that seem fair no its not so what he had me to care for his child hes a parent based on what your saying parents shouldnt deploy get a clue

Answer by Katie Scarlett
Angel R:

you need to avail yourself of all the glorious mental health services offered by our Army. Because your views are seriously twisted. This woman, is not abiding by the rules. She is making the army look bad by even suggesting that the army threaghtned to put her kid in foster care. THAT IS NOT TURE; THE ARMY WOULD NOT DO THAT. Every soldier is called upon to serve. no one is above serving downrange. Yes, even if you have kids, you can still be called to serve. Thousands of men and women serve in the military, deploy, and have kids. And they do it honorably; she is taking money from the army, but is too yellow to do her duty. Kick her ass out, and dont give her another dime of the governments money. there are thousands out there serving that deserve it more than she does. And if you really believe all you say, then they should kick your ass out too.

Answer by Sarah says drink me
This woman had the option to get out when she was pregnant; she also had the option of not being a single mom. She choose her path. She wants the benefits of the military without the work.

You know how many AD moms right now are steaming at this article? Why can thousands of women do their job and be a mom; yet this woman pulls the “mom” card? She knew damn well what the military entails; she is just crying foul.

I doubt Angela R is a soldier. Most women are pretty pissed at this story. Most women work their tails off making sure they uphold their end of the deal and prove their worth in the military. This “Mom” is making other women look bad.

Answer by hynroc
For starters, where is the Family Care Plan that every single parent Soldier must have if they want to stay in the military. If you fail to provide one, the commander must put you out (don’t know the reg). So why was her leaders not doing their jobs??

Answer by Autumn
actually her mom might have been on the family care plan but her mom already had four dependants…who knows. the problem comes when you have a unit full of women who have kids, married or single parent, one single parent or parent/mom gets to do more duty after duty hours hen any other mom, and her kids will be the latch key kids more thne any other kid, thats when I just left the military and became a mom myself after my last contract.

Answer by angelosdad
Some interesting answers out there and people seem very quick to slam other people for putting their opinions on here, isn’t that what this site is for, for people to answer questions OR to put their opinions?
I am a Senior NCO with 14 years in the Army, so I have some experience. I also am married to another Soldier and we have three children, ages 7,5 and 3. I agree that this SPC should have called her chain of command as soon as she knew she had a problem. And yes, she may be doing all of this on purpose just to get out of a deployment. I don’t know. But here is the issue I really take with this and all the answers. Are there really people out there who believe that people in the military should not have children? Do people think that life in the military is all wine and roses when you’re not deployed? What I see here is one side of the story, and then I see a whole bunch of people answering that maybe don’t know how things are. Would any of you, if you were a mother or a father, just leave your child with someone at the last second and then go away for a year? It is not an easy thing to do to make a family care plan. Everyone’s situation is different. My whole point is, do all of you answering think that this woman should have just left her kid with the first person that said yes? If it’s found out later that she is dodging a deployment on purpose, she should be punished and discharged. If not, then she needs to either come up with a plan or she needs to be discharged. But you don’t just leave a kid for a year unless you are comfortable with who they are staying with. And for anyone to say that a woman in the military shouldn’t have children, or that “the Army didn’t issue children” is just plain ignorant.
One more thing. For all of you who has all those mean answers earlier. The Angel R person that you attacked is my wife and I can absolutely guarantee you that she is an active duty Soldier. We struggle sometimes with finding care for our children, but we do the best we can. And in about a year, we are both going to deploy at the same time, leaving our kids with neither of their parents. So I might not always agree with my wife, but she is entitled to leave her opinion on this page just like everyone else, and she works her a** off as a Soldier and doesn’t need people who don’t know all the facts jumping all over her on yahoo answers.

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