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Posted in Babysitting on 10th November 2010

question by ♥ ♥ Love is a German shepherd dog : what is training to get in ?
We have to use Zeke Petco yesterday to their self-service grooming station. There, we found they had a training class in session. There was no novice, either. It was intermediete or Weiterbildung.Ein Lord had a mustache, and they tried to sit him and stay, and then go to the Lord the woman into an adjoining room when the Lord commanded passed zu.Wenn Zeke, this dog was on, turned around, looked Zeke and started barking his head slightly ab.Zunächst it once, how did this dog ever past beginner? Of course, the clicker is happy, people that everybody wins, “God forbid we correct” the coach was only here and said…. “shh, shh, it’s ok It’s ok, fluffy Fluffy back (I do not remember is name), sit sit fluffy, it’s ok It’s ok back… Sit. Sit. “In the largest baby-talk voice I’ve ever heard. The owner just stood there like an idiot. The dog stopped barking for a second, only to turn around his head and see the trainer, and she clicked away, and praised him and gave away all these goodies. For what? Really? Is this really how the majority feels that it is best to train a dog? If that was my dog, he would get a good pop and leash set correction coming from a verbal or remain seated and bark. If Zeke a year and a half old, he went through a phase where he was barking his head off with every man he saw. This phase lasted about 3 days, until he realized that a good pop on the leash with a choke-chain makes no Spaß.Was Comment on this training method, all at no correction and one that is sweeping the dog world? Petco and PetSmart follow this same method in their training. Do you feel that the corrections are wrong? Why? Do you feel that your dog is obedient and only trully obedient when it wants to be in order? (Case in point, the Schnauzer in an upper class education, could not even sit and stay with distractions). BTW, I worked at PetSmart later for over 2 years and 4 years, I’m still good friends with many of the executives and Employees in many shops in the area. I can say that all coaches like this, because that is how they are taught. I just have a good coach known for her, and she was originally formed by a prisoner rehab situation with GSDs and they do not “believe in this BS clicker,” as they say, use lol Best Answer.

reply by Julie – BYBs are scum
For what? I’m looking for advice from your dog away. But the woman should be corrected him in front of, then and then the clicker / him too behandeln.Ich’ve never understood with. There is a place for rewarding good behavior, obviously. But I do not see why one should ignore the bad. You do not have cruelty, his only set. In my household, I am not a mean one for “just ignore him” if he does something wrong bekannt.Würden these people simply ignore your dog for chewing on a wire, for example, and not reward them for? “I think people can not distinguish between “firm” and “cruel”. I do not hit my dog when he does something wrong. That would be cruel. What do I do it is a rapid correction and physically make him do what I tell him, if need be. I will be.

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