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Posted in Babysitting on 2nd April 2011

Is this true about family men?
A widower (who’s lost his wife) trying to raise the kids means the family is practically screwed, especially if the mom was the “glue” of the family. Says TV. TV (and my family) showed me that men can’t do almost nothing right & are likely to crack under pressure. My mom is the “glue” & if something happens to her, I don’t want to take the mom role & “babysit” my stepdad (who sometimes mess with drugs) & sister. Both probably won’t take me seriously. What should I do if this happens?

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Answer by I レo√乇 Mason!
Stop being so morbid and worrying about what to do if your mother dies…. It’s not something you can control and your family as a whole will figure out what to do if, God forbid, that ever happens.

It wouldn’t be your job to take care of your adult step father or your siblings… It woudl be your job to be there for them in comfort, but worrying about caring for them is just silly.

I agree that losing the mother in the family is devestating in almost every circumstance, but I have never asked myself ‘how would I handle the family’ if my mom died.

Answer by Sonya
I’m in agreement with I.L.Mason.

Don’t worry about caring for your father, especially if he is a shitty one. He is an adult, and if he isn’t mature enough to care for his children properly, then why is it your responsibility? Your sister however, she is your sibling, and if you can it’s best to stick together. However if she is not willing to accept your assistance, why bother?

You are not obligated to care for anyone else’s wellbeing than your own & those who actively are there for you simultaneously.

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