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Posted in Babysitting on 27th November 2010

Is this too much for a 2 Y/O’s B-Day (kind of long…but need opinions)?
Last year for my daughters 1st B-Day I themed it as an “under the sea” (not little mermaid just under the sea in general) first b-day party. This year I want to do a “Madd Hatter: Tea for Two” party. I live in a historic resort town and there a few cute tea rooms. One being the “Butterfly Tea Room” It’s bright yellow outside and pretty and flowery inside. They do also have a childs tea as one of their general “options” so to speak. My daughter (not being a braggy mom her Dr.’s have tested her) is a bit advanced for her age, and thus has a much higher attention span and a much better ability to sit for loner periods of time. So my thought for her birthday is to have it at this particular tea room. First let me say that her birthday is in mid-July, the 17th to be exact. Last year her B-Day was at home in the back yard, it was supoer stinking hot and there were TONS of flys out. SO for me outside is not the place I want to have it, secondly there will be a 4YO girl, 2 almost 4 YO boys, 2-over 2YOs (1B and 1G), a girl almost 2, another boy 1 1/2, and then two babies under 9 months old. 4 of them are brother and sister (they are my Best friend and my daughters god-mother children), 2 of them are my daughters god-fathers kids, antoher 3 are her cousins whome we see all the time. All of the parents (or at least the mothers) will be attending the birthday, along with the grandmothers/fathers, great grandmothers/fathers and 2 older great cousins with their mom and dad. I would obviously be renting out the whole tea room. However to me the money spent to have it somewhere other then INSIDE my home is 100% worth the cost. But that isn’t the real question. I will be advising on the invites when they are eventaully made and sent, that we would prefer the children in “tea attire” just cute dresses and shoes, maybe a hat if they have a nicer one, and then khakis and a polo or something of the sort for the boys. Not like Easter best, but not crap play clothes either. Now I know my daughter and the 4 YO’s can sit through it as well as the older older kids, but my concern is with everyone elses kids. Although they do have “kids tea” parties there, I think they are generally a bit older girls, like 6-8YO. And this is a REAL tea room, not like some kids party room that they set up around different themes (which I totally wish we had around where I live; but we do not). Would you as a mother/father who was invited with your kids be annoyed in general about me haivng this type of birthday? I mean it would take effort from parents to actaully WATCH their kids; which I know SOO many moms/dads hate to do now adays. There will be coloring (tea party themed color pages), kid appropriate tea sandwhiches, as well as petite fores, a cake, and fruit. They are also being served a caffine free “iced tea” rather then actual tea. And they wouldnt be forced to like “sit” and have tea. I am also getting plastic tea cups that you can color with markers as a craft. And then goodie bags will be dress up jewlery and pretty containers of chapstick for the girls, and then just “boy” stuff for the boys? Also I am making coppies of alice and wonderland for everyone. And the decor will be somewhat alice and wonderlandish. Like making the deck of cards that “painted the roses red”, but with a place for kids to stand behind and have their pictures taken so they look like they are the cards ect…Good ideas/bad ideas?
Well I have also found flowery no spill straw cups that the kids can use so they don’t spill the tea….and they actually have very pretty acrylic dishes for the “kids” parties to avoid things being broken
No I can’t go to chuckie cheese. 1 because, at least the one where we live, is grimmy. 2 my two year old is no better suited there then sitting and eating mini PBandJ. 3 she is NOT and never will be allowed to act like a “beast”. She is not a wild animal she is an extremely well behaved almost 2 YO. You are the parent I was talking about when I said “doesnt want to actually WATCH their own kid”. ANd yes I know this party is more for ME, but she’ll be 2, so as smart as she is she doesnt have an “opinion” about her birthday theme. And it will be videoed so she can rewatch it for years to come!
I will just add that although I live in a “resort” town it is also in the butt hole of NJ. There is NOTHING actually close to us. All we have is the beach, a zoo, and then a few cutesy places like this. The closest chuckie cheese is quite disgusting, and my child isnt allowed fast food (because i dont want to kill her!). And I dont think chuckie cheese is any more appropriate for a 2 YO with general development then a tea party. And my daughter “plays dress up and has tea” all of the time. SHe has a dress up box, and a tea table and tea set. And she sits with either mommy/daddy/or dollies and has TEA, of ehr own request. So although your 2YO maybe cant do it, mine can.

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Answer by Gene G
Well, it will be a little hard on the parents with younger kids BUT you are throwing this for adults and older children as well. I think if it was just 2-year olds it would be difficult, but it isn’t. As long as you are prepared for the inevitable spills and possible broken dishware, and you can just roll with it, then go for it. If you are going to get upset if things get broken or spilled, then maybe think of something else. Have fun!

Answer by coguy
My opinion? Uh…… could I please have a few more details before I give you my answer?

Later…….and don’t get your knickers in a wad over peoples answers. You asked for their opinion…remember?? Like I tell my kids when they get irate over nothing…TAKE A CHILL PILL!

Answer by Cel’s giant hirsute beaver
Okay, no offense, but I don’t care how “advanced” your child is for her age, she’s still going to be TWO. Your party sounds like a lovely idea, it really does, but it sounds like something more suited to a little bit older kid, like 5 or 6 or something. That’s just a whole lot of fanciness for two year old kids. I’d save that party for when your daughter is older and can actually enjoy it AND remember it. She’s not going to remember any of this.

Wow. I feel sorry for your kid because I kinda think you’re not letting her really be a beasty, smelly, wild, hyper kid like they should be sometimes.

Wow. I feel sorry for your kid because I kinda think you’re not letting her really be a beasty, smelly, wild, hyper kid like they should be sometimes. How is letting a kid eat fast food once in a while going to “kill” them? So what if Chuck E Cheese is a little grimy? Kids get dirty, it’s okay.

Take it from the voice of experience, the more that you shelter and forbid your child from doing something , the MORE they are going to want to do it no matter what you say.

Answer by ♥ Don’t Hate ♥
Shes 2 not 6!

I agree with Cel take them to Chuckies

Answer by moira77
Well, you do realize that this birthday is all about YOU and not about your daughter or the other children attending. Regardless of whether your 2 yo is advanced or not, this is not a FUN birthday for her or her guests. If I were the other parent I would politely decline your invitation – there’s no ay I would make my child dress up and attend a tea at age 2, its just not developmentally appropriate.

Plus, making copies of movies is illegal, so you are committing a crime with that idea, not to mention other parents might not appreciate a bootleg copy for their child – not what they want to teach their kids.

It is great that you want to give your child a nice birthday, and I totally understand that you don’t want to have it in your house or outside. Please consider a more kid friendly venue – maybe you have one of those indoor playgrounds near you? Check with your local YMCA or other organizations to see if you can rent a party room. You can always fall back on the Chuck E. Cheese or McD’s playground idea and dress it up a bunch. Think of what will make the kids and your daughter haoppy – not what is going to be the cutest/trendiest/most original etc. You are trying way too hard.

Oh and I have to lmao about watching the video for years to come – chances are she’ll watch it a few times and then be bored of it – maybe you can show it once more when she’s older and she’ll get a kick out of it, but videotaping the party so she can watch it all the time is not realistic.

All of my children are well behaved – my 9yo and 7yo are in the Gifted and Talented classes and friends always ask how i get my 4yo and 2yo to behave so well, but I would not subject them to this kind of birthday torture. I take my 9yo to fancy tea at a tea room several times a year as a mommy-daughter day and she really enjoys it – but she wouldn’t have as a 2yo even as sweet and well behaved as she was.

Have you called the tea room to check if you can bring these young children there? I would politely decline having your part6y if I was the business owner because realistically this is not the right place for children that young.

Answer by Andy M
I think that this is a great idea, but maybe for a few years down the road. Its hard to have something so structured for little ones. Also I would be annoyed about having to dress my child up. I mean I do love dressing my daughter up, but for a birthday party with tea and cake and paint, I would want to put her in “crap” play clothes. She does love her feather boa and hat though. (She is 2) Give the parents a break, don’t make a party a chore for them. Turn the kids loose with some crayons and paper, maybe some bubbles,dress up bin, etc. They’ll have more fun if they are turned loose. It is a good idea overall, just maybe a year or two down the road.

Answer by I LOVE my Thumbs-Down Fairy!!!
I agree with Moira, we all think our kid are advanced but it doesn’t mean I would ever subject my daughter to that kind of torture. And, as a parent, if we were invited, we too would politely decline. In all honestly, it sounds like the birthday party from hell!!

My daughter will be 2 in March. We are having a small get-together at our house with a few friends and their children and will be serving pizza and b-day cake. My daughter will wear a cute dress, but I really don’t care what other children wear, it is not appropriate to impose a dress code on a 2 year olds birthday part.

Answer by LP
i agree with everything moira said. well said!

at the same time i think it’s a great idea and if you waited a few more years, i think everyone, including yourself because you wouldn’t have to invite the young babies so wouldn’t have to put up with them, and also your daughter and her guests would get more out of it.

in short: great idea but wait a little bit.

Answer by dakotasmama050206
wow, sounds to me like you think you’re better than everyone else. why don’t you just let your kid be a kid and have fun like everyone else.

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