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Posted in Toddlers on 5th January 2012

Is this person Crazy?
Briefly: I was in a mall, a rare event for me. Huge mall, you could get anything…luggage, clothes, restuarants, massage, Target, JC Penney, candy, I can’t even imagine what you could want that wouldn’t be there, one place it appeared you could even buy a “Infant and Toddler.”

And so I see this women, talking to herself, but I could hear her, and she says, “This dumb *&^&%$ place doesn’t have anything!” Am I nuts? Or is she?
I didn’t mean crazy for talking to herself, but to say that there was nothing there.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Major A-Hole
it takes one to know one

Answer by allexus L

Answer by .CuTe anGeL.
maybe she didnt got wht she wanted ..so she was angry lolz…..

Answer by sis
maybe she was looking for a husband….lol

Answer by JADE
No, I say the same thing to myself when a mall sucks.

Answer by O’Neil
hahah, idk, maybe there were lots of stores, but the stores were out of stuff

Answer by aaaah
lol i needed that laugh. Thanks ! :()

Answer by G-UNIT 14
Well there are malls dat don’t have every store they like
but i think she is nuts

Answer by firegx66
you are!

Answer by Luck Be A Lady
Definately you. Talking to yourself is normal unless you start answering your own questions – then, it’s possible you could be nuts. You on the other hand are definately nuts for wasting 5 points to ask such a stupid question.

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