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Posted in Babysitting on 9th May 2014

Is this normal for my girlfriend or should I end it?
my girlfriend and I were at a party and we were talking about how much fun it would be, but at the party she barley talked or payed any attention to me but she would always be with her friends and we kissed a few times but it felt rushed… what should I do is this normal? do girls just generally pay less attention to their boyfriends when around friends??

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Answer by Bob Crap
If they’re guy friends you’re in trouble buddy

Answer by Lina
Yikes! Sometimes we do. But hey, tell her about it. Ask her why she was barely with you. Let her know you don’t like it. Perhaps she’ll understand. She shouldn’t be ignoring you though. That’s not right and I know it feels horrible. Like I’ve stated, remind her that you’re her boyfriend, and she should pay attention to you also! If things continue well it might be best to end it >.<

Answer by DTKB
Kevan, the quickest way to lose a girl is to be clingy and possessive. Nobody likes to feel as though they have to “take care of” and/or “babysit” their boyfriend (or girlfriend) at a party. It is no fun!

Besides, everybody hates the couple that cannot be apart from each other at a party for more than 2 seconds—it SCREAMS insecurity and its weird and gross. Your girlfriend came by and checked on you—even kissed you a couple of times. It felt rushed? Maybe your girlfriend is not into that clingy PDA kind of thing. You are free man—why didn’t you go around and chat it up with some of the other people at the party? There had to be plenty of people you knew and tons of people who you’ve yet to meet. A party is a place to circulate and interact with other people. She was having a good time with her friends—its not as though she was chasing after men all night long.

You came together, you met up together a few times during the party, and who did she leave the party with???? She left with you. You need to do is get a life and not depend on your girlfriend to entertain you 24/7 like the town clown.

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