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Posted in Child Support on 14th June 2013

Is this a good way to dump the cheating loser?
Im pregnant with his child, but I found out that he is in contact with his ex and try to keep it to get back, she already has two children from two different men. I decided im gonna him like he did to me via SMS dump before, sounds like the back “trouble comin, its over for the best, the sick of you lying about contact with her, all his childish games with you, I hope u know what you have lost, and I hope it was worth it f ***** g “ Best Answer (s):
must be

Reply Piefish
you sound like you to shoot if I’m honest

Reply Justin91
I think that is perfect, even though I’d probably through in a few F bombs and insults: P. I’ve been scammed a few times but never said anything bad about them. Sure wish I could sometimes hear 🙂

Reply by Robert B

Reply by Tiger Shi
its great!

answer KaT of x x
That sounds well and good on u for dumping him. xViel luck to you and ur child:]

answer of ninja hamster
I would say, if necessary, be carried out by txt. I broke up with my ex in an interview in World of Warcraft … and I had been with him 6yrs. I would say “F% ^ K and F $ % k all your lies. Seeing you in court”

Reply Veana
call so you can hear him … … speechless

reply by Jeff G
just ask him if he is willing to pay to support the ace in the child. he might get the idea.

response from Watson
So what .. You go to him not to come back to the trailer park. He has problems going to be happy that he is not around to take you and the soon to be child. I would stay with him through the pregnancy. That would be more of a punishment.

Reply by Jon Streeter
do not forget to tell him he has a small dong

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