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Posted in Working Mothers on 13th November 2010

question by Rosie : Is there somehing wrong with me if I am with being at “Chick” am ok?
here’s my situation is ok, I’m currently playing around with a man who is not single, but also be involved is not very significant other, he is not legally married, but he is in a “relationship” with the mother of his child (hence the current women is his second “mother of the child”), he has a 7-year-old from a previous relationship, which he now very seriously in his early 20’s that did not work out, he was up to the end of this relationship shortly there after a period of 2 years, he had another child ravaged with “this” actual women. Supposedly they are “together” but they don “t even in the same household, so they could spend most days together, but at the end of the night she goes home to her place and he remains alone in his apt.sowieso long story short, I have this man for over 3 years and I know him as my hand, I also know his track record, I like him, but since I did the best I know also know that he never gonna In the, as he is, (a womanizer ) we have a good bond, we friends and lovers, but I think the friendship is very strong that I came to the realization that I okay, his “side chick” bin, in fact, I’m glad it on the side because I do not want to deal with its daily drama, and I do not think I can not be with his wife and with a lot with all its problems, yet I do not want to be committed with a man who “cheats” I think I ?’m glad he has time on his good days and for good there is something wrong with me for I miss his wife MAIN Best Answer:

reply BabeHart
. I think you are lacking in morals, but that does not mean it is “wrong” inadequate for you, in this area … just remember, if you are okay being a party to fraud, you have no right to b * tch, if you cheated on some you do Tag.Wenn date / screw garbage … that’s your biz. I personally prefer even my occasional sex with men of a higher caliber than someone who would step out to be his so

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