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Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question of dmg : Is there any logic at all to a small children’s tantrums ?
My son is 16 months old. He breaks his usual sunny demeanor and molars has embittered. I feel quite commonly associated with him and his moods, but lately I am most of the time this morning I was verwirrt.Bereits writing on a base of some ingredients in a recipe online, so I checked what I needed to could get. He wanted the piece of paper – I needed it – so I wrote a note on a sheet of paper on the pad, tore it out and gave it to him. He freaked out – not fully in touch me! Wutanfall.Nachdem he calmed down I went into the kitchen and made my shopping list. Now I did not need the piece of paper not as if he came to me, I gave it to him. Freak out. Slamming arms into the ground screaming and crying. After he calmed down we went to the supermarket, where he was an absolute joy, nice old ladies and learned the Bagger.Bitte, someone tell me their child is doing so. I really do not know what was going through my mind at that moment – I’m not trying to torment him, but somehow do not think anything would ich.Ich contrast recs for your favorite “spirit of a toddler” books and Artikel.Ich , ignore him and I would rather my own eyes out bag as “swat his butt,” but thank you for reply Best Answer.

reply by Linda R
you are in the right direction … to ignore it. He does this for attention. A swat on the behind will not hurt … which makes him know his behavior is simply not acceptable.

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