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Posted in Working Mothers on 14th March 2014

Is there an end to Shaman King?
I’ve just read the ENTIRE Shaman King Manga online at onemanga.com, and the overall ending is simply Hao saying “mother” because Yoh and everyone else in the series “cleaned his spirit” or whatever. I don’t own Mentalite, but did read the Kang Zeng Bang chapters. I’m interested in the manga ending, because I know that the show is different. is there still more being worked on by Hiroyuki Takei? is it just a cliffhanger for ever? what the hell.

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Answer by Y Bother?
sry iv never read the manga just the annime…
but it ended with zek’s spirit cleansed and then the shomantournamentt starts again with that commit thing that signals thetournamentss beginning.

Answer by Lan
There’s still one more chapter left

Since you’ve read it from OneManga, you should’ve noticed that there wasn’t a “Completed” next to the series

Also at the very last page of Chapter 299, the ones who translated it said it’s the SECOND TO LAST CHAPTER

There is one more chapter.

Then they’re going to have a sequel or spin off of some sort.

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