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Posted in Child Care on 17th July 2013

Is the royal family of Dubai feud? What is the dispute over the airport? ?
In addition, these sheikhs Best Answer (s) are beautiful, or tyrant:

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understand you nicht.Von What planet are you?

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argument .. ? Edit: Thanks h what this guy is talking about. I was shopping last year and just by chance I saw Sheikh Mohammad walk casually with buyers because I wanted to see who sought him, but I see no one following, there was no one with him, no security and no secret to anyone. Another time I was shopping and I saw the former Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah, he had 4 gaurds with him while he! window shopping in Dubai.

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sheikhs in the UAE are not tyrants. His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai has a very good reputation. He is a very well-educated man and one of his main concerns is the education of children. He made a statement when he called for the campaign “Dubai cares”: no child should remain uneducated because the family is poor. If interested in the Ruler of Dubai, please visit the following link: Last year, when it rained a lot in Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed visited the flooded sites personally and offered help. He visited schools and hospitals on a regular basis. What can you expect? The ruling sheikhs of the emirates take care of their people Menge.Was is a dispute over the airport? You tell me, because I did not want to hear any “arguments”.

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