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Posted in Working Mothers on 29th October 2013

Has the “Ode to the mother vampire” really work?
HalloIch I was looking up info about vampires a prayer to the goddess of the moon and the mother of all vampires.it Selene is a request for them to send one of their children to you.does that? Turn has anyone tried it and what was the result? what exactly you need to do for it to really work and how long to work or happen to them? Sorry, so many Fragen.Bitte real answers thank Best Answer (s):

Reply forever.charmed
No, it’s a fake. It does not work.

Reply by Charlie
Whenever a vampire was as simple as utter a few words, the M & F section would not be constantly filled with questions to ask, like a vampire to be. Vampires, spells …. it’s all a load of fictional make-believe.

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