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Posted in Working Mothers on 10th August 2012

Is the bible (or even just the commandments) really a good foundation for morals?
Do you have children?
Have they ever misbehaved beyond your control?

C. #5: “Honour thy father and thy mother.”
Punishment? Stone them to death? WTF?
Deuteronomy 21:18-21


Have you every worked on the Sabbath?
Has anyone you loved ever worked on the Sabbath?

C. #4 “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. ..in it thou shalt not do any work.”
Punishment? Death for working on the Sabbath?? WTF?
Exodus 31:15

Are these the awesome morals everyone is talking about?

Do we see any bible-lovers taking part in these or could it be that, maybe, people pick and choose what they want to believe? Possibly because we have higher moral values than medieval power trippers?

Is there even any need for the bible other than a reason to support these atrocities since we have established that your morals exist outside of a medieval book?
The matter is not whether it was practiced but rather that it is taught. Teaching people to stone their children because they misbehave or murder people, regardless of who they are, because they work(ed) on the Sabbath is morally absurd… yet it is stated directly as punishments for disobeying 2 of the 10 commandments.

Are these the superior Christian morals that you guys like to preach? You surely can’t believe in a few and ignore those otherwise you’d be a hippocryt.

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Answer by Schneb
Can you cite for me the scripture where this was actually practiced? Obviously, this put the fear in to kids to obey their parents.

I can also cite for you the scriptures where this was NOT practiced, such as the sons of Eli, and meant nothing but misery for the parents as well as Israel.

Dr. Spock said you should never spank or discipline your children. Years later he saw that the United States was being overrun with out-of-control children–and he apologized for his advice. A little late by that time. God obviously sees the opposite tact. Scare them in to being respectful is the best for a child when he grows to be a man. As it says in the commandment, “That it might be well with you.”

It was for the eternal benefit that children learn quickly and sternly to honor one’s mother and father. But again, I will reiterate, that this was never found to be necessary to enforce. The law, in this case, worked.

Answer by Milky Way * AML * CFOD
LOL Nice avatar.

Answer by That’s why!
It’s a cut and paste religion what do you expect? Why do you think the church is divided into so many sects? Even they cannot agree amongst themselves what the truth is.

Answer by h nitrogen
Understand before criticizing. The jewish nation of the old testament was giving a special charge to establish Israel and represent God and truth the the entire world that did not know any of it. Therefore, with such privileges came a need for God’s people at that time to maintain a level of purity. This was the time when the books of the bible themselves were being written. Sin was not something that could be tolerated. Today’s charge with the Gospel of Christ is to spread the Gospel to the gentiles. Punishment will be coming to sinners just as it did then but is simply delayed and people are giving more of a chance to turn to God.

Answer by M
No; Bible is not a “good foundation for morals”; it is the Law.

OT Law is not everyone’s Law. Christianity has selectively adopted some OT Law to suit their desires. The “morals” goodness is open to their debate.

Children of Israel (Jewish people) are bound by OT Law. It is their duty.

Answer by DB
More atheist jargon. Yawn

Answer by Hogie
The old covenant law was not designed to teach morals. The law served the purpose of showing people they are sinful. The law cannot demonstrate anyone to be a good person.


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