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Posted in Child Care on 9th December 2010

Is teen pregnancy and teen parenthood something popular now?
All of the buzz about Lynn Spears and how “great” it is being a parent (even though she had her baby about a minute ago), plus this ridiculous reality TV show about teens carelessly “caring” for other people’s children seems far fetched from how many adults were raised. So, I ask, is this a new popular trend now? What do you think about this?

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Answer by ♥ Abi ♥
no way!

it just proves that they want it too be a trend but really there wasting their childhod!

Answer by Melissa22 Is having a Baby Girl
sorry i think it is wrong!! Lynn spears has the money to do it!!

Answer by Tizzy
unfortunately, yes. I went to wal-mart yesterday and saw a whole flock of pregnant teenagers! It’s just wrong.

Answer by straightupsusieg
no. sex is a popular trend in teens now. why? i dont know. but teens carelessly have unprotected sex. and that leads to pregnancy. and that makes it look like its a popular trend but it isnt. just the sex part is and the babys come along with the package.

Answer by Carter’s Mommy
No it’s not a trend, it just seems that way because of how they constantly publicized Jamie Lynn Spears.

Answer by Jill P
It sure seems to be. I see a LOT of questions on here from teens about wanting to be pregnant, being pregnant, having 3 kids before they’re out of their teens, etc. And then there was that disturbing news story a week or so ago about the group of 17 high school girls who decided they were all going to get pregnant and did…….

However, I also heard that the teen pregnancy rate in the US is continuing to fall vs. the early 90s, so maybe not — maybe it’s just perception?

Answer by Dgaf Mommy
I think the baby borrowers is a good Idea…it shows these teens that its not all fun and games with being a parent and Maybe it will get them to think before just oh I want a baby! and Yes it is a trend now!

Answer by iq5000+
unfortunately, it’s a bad trend that started with the movie stars. BUT!!! they have the money 2 hire an expeirenced older nanny to take care of their children! normal teen mothers dont hav that kinda money! but teen parenting isnt cool. the child takes time away from growing up, going to college, getting a job, cuz, unless u hav help, u cant go 2 skool all day n leave ur baby home. n it costs $ 2 leave ’em in daycare.

Answer by Ashley~N~Bryce08
im a teen and even i, myself doesnt think its right in my opinion if your gonna have sex use protection or dont have sex at all and when i say protection i mean birth control pills and a condem and also i think you should be over 17 but this is only my opinion and in my school yea everyone even the girls brag about having sex and two of them were trying to get pregnant there only 14 years old

Answer by rocker_chic
i think the trend is to say that have had sex , you know to brag , but dont realize the consiquences of unprotected sex.

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