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Posted in Working Mothers on 25th November 2010

Is screaming during an audition a bad idea?
I want to work up a monologue from the closing scene of “‘Night, Mother” by Marsha Norman. It require screaming–lots of it. Is this a bad idea?

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Answer by Bex
I wouldn’t know, all I know is that is some crackhead chick starts screaming her azz off, I wouldn’t let her pass.

Answer by star_princess756
The more the better, i guess, anything to make it more realistic…

Answer by Kiana_29
In my opinion, NO WAY!!!!! It shows your dedication to the role and that your not afraid of what anyone thinks. If you want to act dont be afraid to put yourself out there. you should enjoy making an icon of yourself.

Answer by Gray Area
Very bad idea. The reality of casting session for the people on the other side of the table or in the audience is that it is a very, very long day. As well, it is more than likely that you do not quite yet have the acting chops to pull off such a monologue without looking silly. There is nothing worse than watching the audition of an actor who is in over his/her head. You just want it to be over and get them out of the room.
Either find a way to deliver the intensity of this monologue without screaming or don’t do it at all. Better yet, take the time to perfect this monologue under the direction of an acting coach before you put it in your bag of tricks.

Answer by Angela
if the show your auditioning for is dramatic then yes, they will want to see that side of you and see that you can have control with it and make it seem realistic. if its a comedy, then no.

Answer by Jessica
You might not want to scream unless you’re doing a scene from the play with the charicter screaming.

Answer by Allen L
You can work on the monologue as an exercise, but something that dramatic wouldn’t be a good audition piece for you. It’s not that screaming is bad, nor is drama, but it sounds like this piece is self indulgent. If you were watching a music audition, would you want to hear someone playing as fast and loud as they can, or would you want to hear and feel the artistry of the performer? The same is true in acting. An audition piece should showcase your understanding of the craft, the depth of your emotional connection, not how crazy, or sad, or over the top you can be. Find a monologue that touches your heart and chances are you’ll effect those you are performing for. That’s my opinion. Good luck!

yes you may. you will definently wake them up and grab their attention. you will show them something different. but once you get their attention be careful not to loose it! if this screaming isnt done right you just look crazy. i dont know the play but if it is a dramatic monologue make sure the monologue has levels and you build up to the screaming. [performing monologues is sorta like a staircase] and make sure you perform the character with an honesty, if your not bein true to the character….TRUST ME! ….they will know.


Answer by Kellie
In my opinion, screaming in an audition is very risky. It might work, depending on the play and the role you are auditioning for. Those are always important factors to consider. If you are auditioning for a plucky ingenue, you should have a different monologue than if you are auditioning for an evil mad scientist.

I think that most directors and casting agents would be turned off by a screaming audition. While it is important to be memorable, you don’t want to be remembered as the girl who shattered everyone’s ear drums. Sometimes in acting, less is more.

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