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Posted in Child Support on 31st May 2014

Is paying 0 considered child support?
My boyfriend and I live together in my place the rent is $ 900 and he pays $ 200 plus cable and Internet . He just started to give me money orders for $ 200 and writes .” Child support ” I got pissed because second he does not write ” child support ” on the payments he gives his ex but With me he does. First off shouldn’t $ 200 be share of his rent ? And he also says that he needs to cover his ass because he wants to move out , I told him he is welcome to move out yet he still sticks around.

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Answer by tagboy
His half is 1/2 of 900 + i/2 half of bills.
My boyfriend and I live together in MY place. tell him you want half of all bills if not get a court order for eviction. This guy is a user and your the one being used.
he needs to cover his *** because he wants to move out tell him he has one month to move and get a court order and they will serve him the eviction papers and if he doesn’t move they will remove him. If he may be considerate a threat the court may give him

Read up on your rights
Everything has to be legal so you have to go thru the courts.

Answer by Grandpa
Why is this loser still in your place?

Answer by Liz
Breeding with a loser is considered stupid.

Answer by bleuroze
File for real child support and tell him he owes $ 450 for rent.

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