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Posted in Child Care on 22nd December 2011

Is opposition to Health Care by the Right as simple as what Rep. Grayson says…They just don’t care?
Rep Alan Grayson states that it is not some complicated ideological reason that Republicans oppose Health Care reform or most Social programs in general, rather is is simple. “They just do not care”. They do not want a dollar of their tax money to help a sick or dying person or to feed one hungry child.

Could United States Representative Grayson actually be correct, does he speak the simple truth? A lot of Americans ask themselves this question and when someone in the US Congress says this is the truth, is there any reason we should doubt him? After all we elected him to office.

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Answer by Progressive Sexy Babe
Yes, That is the truth and he is not alone in that view. I have known this for years. I worked for a well know Republican and I can tell you that he would actually say it just like that…I don’t care! Now while there may be some good ones in the bunch the majority could care less about helping another human being.

Answer by Mata Hari
He has a point! Some Republicans dont care. Not all but a good lot of them just do not care about anybody but themselves and the dollar!

Answer by Pringles
It’s our money that will go into paying for illegal immigrants and welfare leaches to get heathcare… does that sound FAIR to you?

If YOU want to foot the sagging weight of this bill ($ 1 trillion) be my guest, but don’t expect anyone else to back it. It’s like a black hole that will never stop sucking in taxpayer $ $ $ .

Answer by Jules
Republicans care only for the mighty buck… the more the better in their eyes. Empathy is not a republican trait.

BTW PRINGLES… do you truly believe we arent already paying for them?????

Answer by Cherry
They DO care – about themselves.

To the Republicans, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ONLY applies to them and nobody else.

Answer by RPL
Dah! I have known this too for years. The GOP is the party of “ME ME ME” only. They really do not care about much. They say they are pro-life yet only if it is a fetus after that they could care less! They are hypocrites and many are just pure evil.

Answer by vote_usa_first
“They do not want a dollar of their tax money to help a sick or dying person or to feed one hungry child.”

A dollar stolen is a dollar stolen. If you want to be generous, do it voluntarily.

Are you happy your dollars are stolen to fund torture and the resulting coverup? Your dollars stolen to fund war? How about your dollars being stolen to overthrow foreign leaders who were democratically elected?

Are you happy when your dollars are stolen to fund politicians retirement packages? How about when your dollars are stolen to fund police violence at a peaceful protest?

What if your dollars are stolen to FORCE you to fund things you morally oppose? Is that NOT evil? Is it NOT evil to force someone to pay for abortion when they feel it is most deeply wrong?

How about government FORCING you to fund involuntary sterilization of men and women because they were handicapped?

You see government theft of property (money) to fund programs as good, or bad.

Answer by Return of Bite My Shiny Metal…
No. It boils down to the right accepting that health care is an individual responsibility and it is not their responsibility to pay for the health care of all the societal parasites in this country.

Government programs that are less than successful:

Medicare – going bankrupt.

Social Security – Pyramid scheme that is bankrupt.

Medicaid – Bankrupt.

Could it be that the government is not competent to run any large program, much less health care?

By the way, Alan Grayson is a certified moron.

Answer by Tsar Brainless Harry Reid
Grayson is a disgrace to the State of Florida, the Congress, and Humanity.

Answer by Thelastninja
i live in the woods i dont need no health care you cant scare me !

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